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Area 51 is a probably-obsolete codename for an area containing Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada in the United States. It seems to be used by the US government primarily for flight-testing top secret Air Force projects, possibly including the F-117 Wobblin Goblin[1] and definitely including the U-2 and probably the SR-71 just for good measure.



There is no Area 51... oh, wait, oh that Area 51.

It has long been rumored that Area 51 has been the proving ground for a great many experiments in exotic propulsion designs, as well as things such as stealth technology and the like. This, and the extreme secrecy surrounding the site, has led to it becoming the nexus for a great many UFO conspiracy theories. Most notably, that the site serves as a research lab to reverse-engineer examples of alien technology (a critical part of the plot of the movie Independence Day, among a great many other things), and as a result has a subculture of people who often watch the goings-on there with binoculars from a black mailbox along a nearby state highway.

Truth be told, seeing odd things in the past has not been unusual (though activity is said to have died down there over the last few years), but no one has provided solid evidence of alien activity of any sort there.[2]

Conspiracies ON ACID!!

To the True Believers™, the location of Area 51 was chosen to monitor the alien bases which are said to exist in the four corners area of the US Southwest. Area 51 is said to be the headquarters of MJ-12, the group said to be controlling all information on the alien presence. MJ-12 is said to have a facility in Maryland called COUNTRY CLUB to be closer to policymakers in Washington DC. The Maryland campus is staffed by MAJI, which means Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence. MAJIC is said to be the security classification for all MAJI-connected files. POUNCE is said to be the project to recover all downed alien craft. REDLIGHT is said to be the project to test-fly POUNCE-recovered alien craft. SNOWBIRD is said to be the cover for REDLIGHT using conventional technology. DELTA is said to be the MAJI arm tasked with security for all these projects.

Not even wrong

Lots of aliens are kept in inhumane conditions at Area 51. For one thing, a nurse said that there were little gray men with weird eyes kept in prison cells and vivisected. We know this to be true.

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  1. Okay, it was technically called the Nighthawk, but you suck.
  2. Well, except people like Bob Lazar who are outright lying about it. But they're liars.
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