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Other contend that this [Levitical law] was part of Old Testament, Levitical law and Christians today are not held to those standards. I would have to say that I seriously hope the latter is true because if you read on in that chapter you would see that we would all be doomed if that verse applies toady. Leviticus 19:19 forbids the mixing of fibers in their clothing—no more cotton/poly! .
—Rapture Ready, which still uses Leviticus to condemn homosexuality.

Cherry picking, when used figuratively, refers to selective extraction of points in an argument in order to refute or affirm them while ignoring others which will not support the point(s) being made. Often, these cherry-picked factoids or references will be over-extrapolated and oversold to give the impression that they are representative, when they are not. It is used very frequently by creationists.

In practical terms, it refers to a mechanic who chooses to work on newer units in relatively pristine condition, leaving the more intractable, less convenient jobs for others to swear at.

It derives from the obvious reluctance to harvest unripe, or overripe, fruit and to select only those which will make profit (or pie).

Quote mining is a form of cherry picking, and the genuine points used in construction of straw man arguments are typically cherry-picked.

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