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Conservapedia:What is going on at CP?

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Keep up to date with what is going on at the extremist blog Conservapedia with our rolling reports of the bizarre happenings there. We report; you decide which entries make it to the Best of Conservapedia! If you are contributing for the first time please read the instruction manual. For the older entries, see the archives.

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What is going on?

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More about CP

March 2012

Recent entries

40Andy finally goes all in, and declares Mitt Romney to be a RINOimg.
160Andy (on why God has a sense of humor): "atheistic political figures are known for their lack of a sense of humor, such as Attila the Hun, which suggests that the opposite of God is a lack of sense of humor."img (Andy should hope that God has a very good sense of humor.)
132Andy unwittingly citesimg a gay newspaper. UPDATE: Ooops...let's change that.img
74It's official. The Republican National Committee is too liberal for Andy.img
28Andy: Obama loses Dem primary in 15 Oklahoma counties!! That's a correct headline for those who lack openmindness."img
Source: Actually it isn't, Andy.
76Andy celebrates Gingrich'simg appeal to "negrophobes."img Conservative historians agree: racism rulz.

This just in: Southern strategy is good. Because liberals.img Because RINOs.img Because classroom prayer.img

Earlier entries

94 Horrors! Wikipedia has protected their Richard Dawkins articleimg! So says the trusworthy encyclopedia that protects its own Richard Dawkins article, its atheism article, its atheism and bestiality article, Ken's user and user talk pages, etc....
55Jpratt's knee-jerk reactionimg to a wing-nut pro-life group making shit up.
43More from Edimg. Crazy leaps of "logic", exquisite lack of sense and complete bollocks come as standard. When bullying doesn't work, there's always the power of impunityimg.
52Yes, Ed, that's the criterion people use when choosing a law school.img
48Thorough in-house research suggests that Breitbart may in fact not have been assassinatedimg
80Karajou: Was Breitbart assassinated?img
79In a section entitled Weaseling, Andy tries to weasel outimg. (And failsimg).

February 2012

85Andy: Conservapedia is right, even when it isn'timg.
92Andy: Will conservapedia be proven rightimg? Looking goodimg but ... uh-oh ... something's wrong ... too close to callimg! That'll do. Oh wait, better trim thisimg. But wait... Santorum may still have more delegates!img (without citation) and anyway, the teabaggers really really like him!img
152Andy (Feb 27th): For policial reasons the lamestream media is not reporting the important fact that school shooter was a Facebook userimg.
Andy (next day): *deletes information about Norwary massacre killer being an anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant right-wing extremist that specifically targeted country's ruling liberal party*img (Information about the killer liking to play World of Warcraft untouched.)
47The latest school shooting tragedy has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with Facebook.img (and not a prayer for the victims in sight.)
61Andy: someone else guessed the same guess that I guessed we guessed; Conservapedia proven right!img
21Andy shows us why it's stupid to look at the world through only a biased liberals v. conservatives myopic political lensimg
50Men and women look different, therefore how on earth can liberals expect them to have the same aptitudes?img
133Andy: "The purported proof of Fermat's Last Theorem would be an example of liberal math.img"

User: "What would be an example of Conservative Math?img"

Andy: "Godel's Incompleteness Theorems, and liberals ostracized Kurt Godel for it.img""Bertrand Russell, a leading leftist of that time, was humiliated by Godel's insight, which was conservative in how it debunked intellectual arrogance.img""A liberal claims to know almost everything. A conservative recognizes that the liberal actually knows almost nothing of value.img"
132 Stupid atheists are wasting time and money searching for a Grand Unified Theory of physics even though Andy's bizarre, nonsensical interpretation of an Iron Age text Genesis says that's impossibleimg. Biblical scientific foreknowledge FTW!
30Tiger Woods: Liberal Media Iconimg
78Creationist idiot vexed by Poe's lawimg. Kendoll forgets Kotomi T was Conservapedia's favourite sysop.
202Having obliterated the mean old Lamestream Media, Andy Schlafly takes on the next targetimg.
40Joaquin's upset about something in Syria and it's Hillary Obama's fault [1]img. Remind me,who are supposed to be the good guys again?
68Shame on those desperate Rinos who declared Romney the winner in Maine before all the votes were countedimg. Conservapedia declaring Santorum the victor in Colorado early in the evening - Conservapedia proven right yet again!img
20And with football season over, time for Andy to gush over Jeremy Linimg.
202In Andy's universe "Britain was just fine with Hitler running over neighboring underdog countries."img Why? Because liberals.img
16Andy secretly hopes that he will one day be that lucky woman.img
178Andyimg: "College math is not completely immune to liberal influences that have destroyed other subjects like physics."
48Andy: "Many books and movies illustrate the lack of upward social mobility in Britain, from Mary Poppins to Charles Dickens' writings"img A prize to whomever can guess what in the fuck Andy is talking about.
115Andy, before the Florida primary: "Rick Santorum's senseless instance [sic] on staying in the raceimg in Florida is depriving Gingrich of a victory there." and "Floridians who vote for third-place Rick Santorum will be strengthening the pro-abortion side of the Republican Party"img
Andy, Feb. 7: "Conservative Rick Santorum wins today's Minnesota and Missouri primaries for president, with Mitt Romney finishing far, far behind. Give it up, RINOs.img"
29Andy: Atheists hate underdogs according to crowd behaviour at the Superbowlimg. Crowd behaviour? Pfft, that's a pretty flimsy exampleimg
222Andy: Why didn't atheists cheer at the Super Bowl?img Is it because they don't like underdogs?img Why don't atheists like underdogs?img I bet Stalin didn't like underdogs.img
37You know you're Conservapedia's biggest idiot when Kendollimg of all people has to cleanimg upimg after youimg.
45Ed "some bloke" Poor: Yellow Submarine was a "dark and tedious 1968 animated film."img
User: "Conservapedia administrator Ed Poor gave the film a negative review, calling it 'dark and tedious'."img
Ed "some bloke" Poor: "removing some random bloke's personal opinion".img


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