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This is the real deal!
The divine comedy


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Take pity on the lonely crocoduck

Whom none do love not bird nor reptile

Across the fields he runs amuck

Proving evolution all the while

Crocoduck is a hypothetical animal intelligently designed by creationists intended to demonstrate that there is "no" transitional form between crocodiles and ducks.

The lack of existence of the crocoduck was first brought to light by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort, during a televised debate wherein they explained the devastating lack of said animals needed to validate the Theory of Evolution.

We imagined would be genuine species-to-species transitional forms. We called one a 'crocoduck' and another was called a 'birddog.' This was to show exactly what evolutionists believe, but can't back up through the fossil record."
—Ray Comfort[1]

In 2009, fossils of duck-billed alligators were found. The genus have been named Anatosuchus (from elements meaning duck and crocodile). Although it would be more accurately be a "duckodile" as the positions of duck and crocodile are reversed between this and the original theory, we are anxiously waiting to see what chimera creationists will howl about next.

"TA DA!"

The crocoduck and other chimera actually hold an interesting place when considered as possible evidence. Creationists purport that chimera would be evidence of evolution, yet if such a chimera were actually found to exist, then it would actually serve as evidence against evolution. This yet further explains that creationists do not understand the actual claims made by evolution.

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  1. Except, of course, that dromaeosaurs like Velociraptor had feathers... that would kind of make them croco-ducks by any reasonable definition of the term, since dromaeosaurs were ancestral to birds and were distantly related to crocodiles by virtue of both being archosaurs ancestrally... yeah, but, you know, whatever, I guess.
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