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Deadliest Warrior

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Deadliest Warrior is a terrible television show on Spike TV that takes two combatants (or groups of combatants in some cases, such as with the IRA vs Taliban episode) that have no chance in hell of ever meeting one another, and pits them against each other. It may cause some to lose faith in western civilization.

Supposed science

The show claims to be historically and scientifically accurate, however it's often criticized for its pseudoscientific and pseudohistorical skewing to please the viewers. The allegations include but are not limited to non-expert "experts", faked tests (e.g., a RPG firing "enhanced" with CGI), assigning the combatants equipment that are either way beyond the combatants' time period, giving them equipment that they would normally not use (e.g., giving the IRA a slingshot), and reinforcing pop culture stereotypes (e.g., Mel Gibsonizing William Wallace, Uber 300 style Spartans, etc) over historical facts.

The show concludes with a staged fight between two classes of historical warriors, often in combinations that would make even the Society for Creative Anachronisms cry. It was briefly discussed on Charlie Brooker's You Have Been Watching, where it was promptly mocked for being idiotic.[1][2] Blogger BS Historian, who wrote a detailed expose on the show's inaccuracies and inconsistencies, referred to it as "pulling a Brainiac", in reference to another supposedly scientific show that was caught faking results.[3]

The third season began incorporating vampires and zombies.

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