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Eurabia is a conspiratorial cultural doomsday scenario indulged by Islamophobes.

The concept of Eurabia hypothesizes that Europe will be majority Muslim at some point in the near future (dates given usually run from about 2020-2050) due to higher birthrates among Muslim immigrants (or the "Brown people are outbreeding us!" hypothesis), increased immigration from the Middle East, and enabling of militant Islam by pantywaist multiculturalists. These predictions tend to be based on highly speculative figures.[citation needed]

The term was coined by the Egyptian-born British author Bat Ye'or and is often used by figures such as populist Dutch politician Geert Wilders, conspiracist blogger Pamela Geller, Canadian-American pundit Mark Steyn, and general purpose loon Frank Gaffney.

US author and military analyst Ralph Peters has written that any predictions of Europeans (who he accused of "ineradicable viciousness") allowing their continent to be taken over by Islam are "surreal." He stated that "When Europeans feel sufficiently threatened - even when the threat's concocted nonsense - they don't just react, they overreact with stunning ferocity" and predicted that in the event of a relatively small number of serious terrorist attacks "Europe's muslims will be lucky just to be deported." He also criticised commentators who promote the Eurabia concept on the grounds that by increasing European anxiety they are making a violent reaction more likely.[1]

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  1. Wars of Blood and Faith: Peters, R, 2007 p 332-334
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