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Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

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A bunch of tree-huggers


Save the rainforests!
Watch that carbon footprint!

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-governmental environmentalist organization which is dedicated to combating the menace of whaling. It engages in direct action against whaling. It has its own fleet of ships which conduct raids and engage in frontal combat with whaling ships, and star in their own "reality" television series Whale Wars.[1]

Paul Watson founded Sea Shepherd after leaving Greenpeace in the 1970s, when Greenpeace rejected his preference for confrontational direct action against seal and whalte hunters.[2] He also claims to have had telepathic communication with whales, and wrote a book, Earthforce! An Earth Warrior's Guide to Strategy, on environmental tactics which is full of crank warrior mysticism.

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  2. According to a National Geographic article.
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