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Stephen Colbert, formerly a "correspondent" for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, is the host of his own half hour show on Comedy Central called The Colbert Report. His show directly follows Jon's (and often used to overlap it slightly), rounding out Comedy Central's late night "fake news hour".

It is (or at least was) pretty much still a relatively deadpan parody of right wing "Faux News" shows, most especially that of Bill "Papa Bear" O'Reilly.

In the character Colbert's name, the "t" is silent, and the name of his show is pronounced the same way - as in, The Colbear Repore. This is somehow partly due to his deathly fear of bears - in spite of his very large testicles. The real Colbert pronounces his name with the T; the distinction in the character's pronounciation is intended to create a distinction between the real and fictional Colberti.

Mr. Colbert has also appeared in the television and film versions of Strangers With Candy.



He, or his show's producers, have successfully auctioned off several items that have featured prominently in the show, including a portrait of Stephen, which sold at auction for over $50,000,[1] the proceeds of which went to Save the Children, and, most recently, the (political celebrity autographed) cast he wore on his wrist for several weeks. The cast sold for $17,200, and the proceeds were donated to The Yellow Ribbon Fund.[2]

Another item sold by Mr. Colbert to benefit charity is the "wrist strong" bracelet.[3]

Mr. Colbert is also very active in promoting the educational site DonorsChoose, where individuals donate materials needed for teaching to individual classes, be it basics or AV gear. One of his projects was inspiring his "nation" to donate to classes whose students are children of military personnel currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Colbert and his nation helped to save the US Speed Skating team after their sponsor, a Dutch bank, went belly up. "Colbert Nation" became an official sponsor and kept them on the ice.[4]

Dedicated to

Mr. Colbert often mobilizes his "Colbert Nation" to name things after him. So far, he has gotten his own Ben & Jerry's flavor, "Americone Dream", a minor league hockey mascot, an exercise machine on the International Space Station, an airplane, a spider, an eagle, a falcon, and an elephant seal named after him.[5]

In Oshawa, Ontario, March 20th is Stephen Colbert day. The holiday was declared by Mayor Gray in 2007 after he lost a bet with Colbert.[6]

2006 White House Correspondents' Dinner

In one of the finest moments of the Bush Administration, Colbert stood mere feet from the dark lord and tore apart his record and beliefs, as well as referring to his declining approval ratings multiple times, making frequent eye contact with the visibly angered president.


  • I Am America (And So Can You!), 2007


"I teach Sunday School, motherfucker!" - to his guest, Philip Zimbardo, 11 Feb. 2008[7]

Presidential ambitions

Stephen is running tried to run for president of the United States in 2008. He has indicated that he would run in both the Republican and Democratic primaries in his home state of South Carolina. The project ran aground (intentionally?) due to his blatant attempts to con a snack food manufacturer into sponsoring his campaign.

He was then angling for a spot as Mike Huckabee's running mate, but that plan also crapped out, when Huckabee dropped out of the race.

He mentioned a possible run in twenty twelve, with the help of Doritos but nothing was confirmed. Sadly Colbert probably left things too late but technically could still run in states which allow write in candidates. [8]


Im in ur portrit galry, hangin bitwin ur bafrooms.

Stephen's "den" (part of The Colbert Report set) is graced with, among other things, a portrait of himself that is periodically updated, by being repainted with himself standing in front of it. One that has a "meta-depth" of two, and has been retired from his den, has been graced with a place of great honor in the Smithsonian Institution's National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.[9] Previous portraits have been auctioned off for charity (see above).


Upon hearing of Conservapedia's Conservative Bible Project, Colbert exhorted his audience on October 7, 2009 to crash the wiki and write him into the Bible as God.[10] They did so; Conservapedia's server collapsed under the extra load of page views and decidedly infantile (if moderately amusing) wandal attacks.

In a "follow up", Colbert interviewed site owner Andrew Schlafly on his show on December 8, 2009.[11]

Super PAC

As of summer 2011 Colbert has made a second foray into the American political system, this time in the form of a political action commitee with the express purpose of "Making a better tomorrow, tomorrow." [12]

The Super PAC is renowned world-wide for taking an otherwise garbage candidate, Rick Parry, and lifting him to an historic victory!!!1! second place(!!...!) in the Ames Straw Poll.

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