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Stormfront is the largest Neo-Nazi and white supremacist message board on the internet. It was founded by Don Black, a former KKK and American Nazi Party member. In its own words: "A Racialist discussion board for pro-White activists and anyone else interested in White survival". That’s fairly telling, to be honest. They use Fraktur fonts - which were actually banned in 1941 by the Nazis themselves - to evoke an image of Germany and, in another shocking display of ignorance, use a long "s" in the place of an "f" in their header logo. Their emblem is a Celtic cross, which often is used as a symbol by white supremacists, and is consequently illegal in Germany.

David Duke is known to hang out there these days. His ex-wife actually founded the site.[1]

For a brief time, one could find their antics recorded at "What is going on in the Fourth Reich?", until we got bored of their lack of interesting activity.

It is a fun place to troll[2], and it is unknown how many people there are trolls or actually serious. Stormfront members' primary topics and likings are flaunting about how the white race is superior, historical revisionism, Holocaust denial, vehemently opposing racial mixing, and last, but not least, in a shocking display of racial betrayal, listening to rock music (which originated from blues, a style originally conceived and played by black people).

Stormfront was also the subject of a documentary film, Extremists on the Internet.[3]

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