G'day, fellow RationalWikians! Don't forget to visit the Campaign page of the 2016 Board of trustees election in order to make your voice heard. Suggested activities include:

  • Endorsing select candidates (lending a hand to your loyal henchmen and/or glorious overlords!)
  • Anti-endorsing select candidates (character-assassinating your hated opponents!)
  • Providing moar goat (please wipe afterwards)
  • Just asking questions to the candidates

Your participation might help other users better direct their votes. More importantly, it'll show the world that we've yet to go full Citizendium in terms of election hype!

from FuzzyCatPotato (Talk), group Site wide (urgent) at 00:24, 25 July 2016

And you can get fucked

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Revision as of 18 December 2011 at 23:03.
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Not every conversation that ruffles your delicate feathers needs to be collapsed.

    MtDPinko Scum10:53, 18 December 2011

    Take a break and calm down.

      -- Nx / talk10:53, 18 December 2011

      Fuck off you supercillious deadshit. I never saw the attraction of Ace. Until now.

        MtDPinko Scum11:03, 18 December 2011

        Ace is attractive, I must admit.

          He's still an asshole.

            Nutty Roux100x100 anarchy symbol.svg16:05, 18 December 2011

            If I were going to go gay for anyone at RW, it would be Ace.

              DickTurpis (talk)16:50, 18 December 2011

              How charming. But Ace is not a homosexual, no sir.

                AceAce For Mod!19:35, 18 December 2011

                Nor am I. But I hear that on the opposite side of the planet anything can get switched around *wink*.

                  DickTurpis (talk)23:03, 18 December 2011
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