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02:29, 10 July 201186.46.182.237 (Talk)New reply created (Reply to Your creatures have betrayed you)
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02:23, 10 July 201186.46.182.237 (Talk)New thread created 

You offered reassurance that the new powers afforded to moderators would not result in a mass centralisation of power and targeting of dissidents. Well there now is evidence that those reassurances are a load of bullshit, which makes you by extension, a bullshitter. Effectively I am going to be permanantly banned simply because I proposed a long winded debate title, Psygremlin decided to re-enact a one man characterisaton of apartheid era repression, and I decided to call him out for his authoritarianism. You are a wanker, Trent, because you were warned about these structural failings and you did nothing to rectify it. You are a wanker. That is all. (talk)02:23, 10 July 2011

Effectively I am going to be permanantly banned. a 1 month ban was proposed.

Aceof SpadesSilverbrain.png02:25, 10 July 2011

Seriously, go fuck yourself. You known and I know that Psygremlin manufactured this entire thing, possibly because he is a white South African living in a country that essentially despises his race. (One of many causes) This is a convenient excuse for you to get rid of me, for the simple reason that you dislike me. Spastick. (talk)02:29, 10 July 2011
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