G'day, fellow RationalWikians! Don't forget to visit the Campaign page of the 2016 Board of trustees election in order to make your voice heard. Suggested activities include:

  • Endorsing select candidates (lending a hand to your loyal henchmen and/or glorious overlords!)
  • Anti-endorsing select candidates (character-assassinating your hated opponents!)
  • Providing moar goat (please wipe afterwards)
  • Just asking questions to the candidates

Your participation might help other users better direct their votes. More importantly, it'll show the world that we've yet to go full Citizendium in terms of election hype!

from FuzzyCatPotato (Talk), group Site wide (urgent) at 00:24, 25 July 2016

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-_- fine.

ТySerious Business Guy19:53, 25 April 2012


ТyNo20:07, 25 April 2012

welcome to neutral land!

il'Dictator Mikal20:13, 25 April 2012

He is right, it does make me want to tear my eyeballs out.

Scarlet A.pngnarchist20:45, 25 April 2012

Well, that was the goal. Now, to recall how to make it blink obnoxiously.

ТyPlease do not click on this20:46, 25 April 2012

Luckily, we have a nice template for that.

Cow...Hammertime!21:19, 25 April 2012

I hate you all.

Scarlet A.pngtheist21:29, 25 April 2012

But Awmondikovw we wuv you!

Тyeh?21:56, 25 April 2012

wants a mowse?

Cyan mowse 2.pngGodot00:57, 26 April 2012

<center style="font-size: 99px; text-decoration: blink;">

"Shut up, Brx."21:57, 25 April 2012

Does this mean I get to gloat?

"Shut up, Brx."21:56, 25 April 2012

Get off my talk page.

Тyrant21:57, 25 April 2012

Technically, this is a subpage of your talk page. Why, though? Do you get an email every time someone posts?

"Shut up, Brx."21:58, 25 April 2012

No, I get an orange New Messages box and instead of something interesting it is cretinous prattle.

Тyrant22:00, 25 April 2012

What, you mean like this? Or maybe this? Or perhaps this? You changed, Ty. You sold out.

By the way, I did get a cat. I don't have a camera, though, so I can't post pictures of him like you suggested.

"Shut up, Brx."00:05, 26 April 2012

No he didn't. He was never your buddy. When are you going to leave?

Nutty Roux100x100 anarchy symbol.svg00:17, 26 April 2012

Politeness != liking. I told you as far back as June 2011 that I am not your friend, I just have a higher incandescent all consuming loathing threshold than others.

ТyYes?00:43, 26 April 2012
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