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Swirlysparkly.gif at discovering that there is indeed meaning and purpose to life is short-lived when it turns out to involve a bunch of difficult stuff that isn't a lot of fun.
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About me

I've been a part of this site since late 2007. It makes me want to shake my cane at newcomers and tell them how to edit properly. I'm not especially well-read or informed in science, yet here I am on a science-heavy site. When I graduate from college, I still won't be qualified to talk about anything interesting on this site, and that makes me kind of sad.

I'm bisexual, but on the internet I actively play up the "I like guys" aspect, because it's the only safe place for me to do so; homosexuals aren't supposed to exist in my town. I also like cake, and don't understand people who like coffee, alcohol, or dark chocolate.

My taste in art is suspect. I like crappy dance-pop, Elton John, and unremarkable rock bands. I don't appreciate classic literature but enjoy reading fanfiction. The last art exhibit I went to and enjoyed was MOMA's Dada exhibit seven years ago.

I love chatting with people online, so feel free to drop me an email. I usually respond within a couple hours. I also love writing, and I can be found on FanFiction.Net and on FictionPress.

Whenever I get around to fussing with my userpage, it means I've lost interest in a site, can't think of anything else to do, and will probably fade away for several weeks.

Because I like my gifs massive and grainy dammit!

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