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My name is Scott. I'm a young professional living in central Illinois, working as an urban planner. The primary duty of my current job is conducting public involvement activities for a new belt highway the state department of transportation wants to build around the Peoria metropolitan area.

Of course, as an urban planner, my defacto favorite CP article (or at least edit) would have to be this.

Also, I live with Ulcerative Colitis.

Editing at Conservapedia

I tried to be a productive editor at Conservapedia to improve their cp:Chicago article; however, considering my first name and last initial is unavailable (ScottP), I at first tried using my home town (Peoria) as my user name. After making a minor edit to the Chicago article, TK blocked my account and IP banned me for a week. Once that sentence had lapsed, I tried to create a new account using my name, middle initial, and last initial (ScottPP). My account was immediately blocked (didn't even have a chance to make a single edit) by Jpatt with the "recreate with your first name and last initial" reason. Rather than use a fake name and participate in liberal deceit, I threw in the towel over there.

Not that it comes as a surprise to anyone here, I did enjoy the irony of being blocked by two admins who do not have a "proper" first name/last initial screenname.

Guess I'll just have to spend my time trying to make RW a better place instead...

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