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new years help301:39, 23 January 2012
Advice (not that you asked for it)120:45, 16 January 2012
Rowdy Dumpling810:06, 7 January 2012
"I barely sleep. :P The results are strange."1407:01, 6 January 2012
Anthropology1002:36, 5 January 2012
Heard you were sick2505:45, 19 December 2011
ALL HAIL KIM SOOJUNG304:52, 19 December 2011
kanojo to kanojo no neko305:37, 13 December 2011
Pooooooooorrrrk!603:24, 13 December 2011
Gyaabo!1614:48, 30 November 2011
Country117:53, 29 November 2011
tadiama! Okari1819:40, 18 November 2011
Only Human...214:30, 15 November 2011
Sysop313:34, 14 November 2011
Furore820:19, 13 November 2011
Crazy Japanese game shows1002:28, 9 November 2011
On the subject of mind fucks...116:08, 7 November 2011
Sorry401:34, 12 October 2011
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!1114:47, 23 September 2011
Assimilation116:59, 22 September 2011
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new years help

1) what is the pine tea???? that sounds uber good, regardless of the holiday. 2) any small, traditions I can surprise Vic with. He's vietnamese, but they've adopted/adapted to most traditional chinese habbits. we have a good store just around the corner, so mochii will be involved!

Pink mowse.pngGodotGrow a vagina19:27, 22 January 2012

Oh Oh~ Fun! Korean Cinnamon tea with Pine nuts! Oooh~ Mochiiiii. YUM!

Dumpling (talk)19:32, 22 January 2012

I'm not a huge fan of bean paste, so I tend to eat around it. but the mochii itself tastes like solid marshmellows. :-)

My in-law (she is a distant cousain by European terms, but this family in texas is very very close - and viet families are just duty bound to care about the most distant of relatives as if they were siblings) sends us up a small box of goodies, including crysanthumu candy. But I should learn some traditions.

are you with family this year?

Pink mowse.pngGodotGrow a vagina19:49, 22 January 2012

Yeah. Some people like the red bean paste, and others like it. I personally like it in a bun/mochi/ on top of my ice cream...not so much the candy. But mochi is yummyyyyy~ MMM...

Hahaha. Well, learning some traditions arn't so bad, if not...they're more interesting really.

And no. Not really. My mum doesn't care much for the Lunar New year. I was raised with it, so...I love it mostly for happy memories of the candy and the red envelopes. But the Korean churches here have a mini celebration. I merely go to the Buddhist Temple and celebrate it with close friends.

Dumpling (talk)01:39, 23 January 2012

Advice (not that you asked for it)

"...being 33 and cutting away into a dead body. "You'll forever be alone. No one would want to talk to you. You'd smell like dead bodies. I WANT GRANDCHILDREN!"

Tell your mum to read Kay Scarpetta books. She's hawt, gets loads of nookie and gets to cut up dead bodies. Ok, she also gets stalked by mad psycho killers, but 3 out 4 ain't bad...

PsyGremlinPrata!13:03, 16 January 2012

I'll be sure to tell her that. And just...forget to add in the stalked by mad psycho killers part. Hahaha! ;D And thanks for the advice Psy-Oppa.

Dumpling (talk)20:45, 16 January 2012

Rowdy Dumpling

I don't care that you could most certainly martial arts the shit out of me. I firmly believe that whenever you walk into a room, this happens:

Don't deny it!

Star of David.png Radioactive Misanthrope08:53, 6 January 2012

That's how she martial arts the shit out of everything.

PeterQuasniki 2012!Flag of the United States (Pantone).svg09:12, 6 January 2012


Dumpling (talk)09:20, 6 January 2012

I don't care if your name is Stabby. I'd roundhouse you and poke you to near death. Then I'd probably feel bad and help you up and get you to a doctor and a giant teddy.

Dumpling (talk)09:20, 6 January 2012

I say this of course in the nicest of ways. (ó㉨ò)ノ♡

Dumpling (talk)10:16, 6 January 2012

Having Dumpling-chan martial art the shit out of you, is probably something akin to getting strangled by fluffy bunnies.

PsyGremlinPrata!09:49, 7 January 2012

. . .I don't even know how to respond to that. Tuzkicry.gif

Dumpling (talk)09:55, 7 January 2012

Getting strangled by fluffy bunnies can be horrific.


"I barely sleep. :P The results are strange."

But strange is good. We like strange.

That said, if you do want a cure for insomnia... eat more popcorn. It releases tryptophan, which in turn helps with the secretion of melatonin, which is the stuff that knocks you out. Unless I've got my terms mixed up, in which case you'll just turn black...

Oh and on the subject of strange...

"Manage to go to toilet pants man" indeed!

PsyGremlinPrata!15:45, 4 January 2012

I suspect it's all the clicking in your head.  ;-) (I can't even wrap my tongue around a "by rote" sentence drilled into me with a 'click' in it.)

for insomnia, I find that banging my head long enough to give me a concussion works.  ;-)

Actually, if you are serious, new techniques are being studied with great success, that literally exhaust you first (and establish hard core rules for your body), then sorta reset your clock. In effect, you say to yourself "I will sleep between 12pm and 6 am (always 6 hours, not sure why). You ONLY use your bedroom for sleep. You do other things till 12 (including getting ready for bed) then at exactly 12, you go to bed. if you do not fall asleep in 30 (?) minutes, you get up and STAY OUT OF THE BED ROOM AN AWAKE for 4 hours, and try again. Under no circumstance do you sleep past 6am. even if you are exhausted. You become a bitch for like a week or two, but it really seems to be one of the best ways to reset yourself. Of course, you need to be at a place in your life where you can have such strict hours.

Pink mowse.pngGodotEn live16:37, 4 January 2012

On the subject of clicking, our gardener taught me Zulu tongue twisters when I was a kid, to get the hang of the clicks. The first, using the !q click is:

  • Ingqeqebulane yaqaqela uqhoqhoqho, uqhoqhoqho waqaqela iqaqa, iqaqa laqalaza. (The storyteller warmed up his throat, this woke up the skunk that looked around in amazement) - every q is a click, made by pulling your tongue away from the roof of your mouth, like you're geeing on a horse.

Then there's the !x click - made by parting your teeth slightly, pressing your tongue against them, then pulling it back. Almost like making a "tsk" sound of disapproval.

  • Amaxoxo ayaxokozela exoxa ngoxamu exhibeni. (The frogs are gossiping loudly about the big lizard)

And then there's Miriam Makeba:

PsyGremlinPrata!17:01, 4 January 2012

OK, very unlinguistic of me, but that sounds lovely in music cause it sounds like part of the rythem, not the language. I can make both clicks, just not as part of actual words. :-)

Pink mowse.pngGodotEn live18:07, 4 January 2012

Wow: 「うんちぐバイバイ。」 literaly means "Goodbye, piece of shit!"

ʤɱ socialist17:30, 4 January 2012

Hahaha. Yeeeep.

Dumpling (talk)02:35, 5 January 2012

Hahaha. I've seen the Toilet song thing when I was little actually. I forgot the show. Gave me unrealistic expectations. Tsk tsk.

Anyways, 'strange' is a maybe a good thing? Considering I've been awake since Monday afternoon, I'm starting to get really weird...and I can feel it. I just want to say really random things and cuddle up to people and make them pat my head or wrap myself up in layers of blankets and go into the corner of my bed and knock out for a couple of hours. (No more than 4, because my body start to wake me up in intervals of 30 minutes and really painful leg cramps.) And I've tried getting myself into a schedule, but that's not...really...possible with me at the current moment and the way things are with me.. Though I have tried, and I do get a bit 'bitchy', but the rest is good. Apparently sleeping with something cold helps.

...And clicking is really hard to for me to do in general, so doing that as part of the actual words would be hard. But the song really is lovely.

Dumpling (talk)02:34, 5 January 2012

That's really worrying. The sleeping thing, not the not-clicking thing, of course.

ʤɱ socialist15:07, 5 January 2012

Eh. It used to be worse. O________O...But I'm working on it. Not exactly the most normal of sleep cycles, but still working on it. Hahaha.

Dumpling (talk)20:18, 5 January 2012
I've seen the Toilet song thing when I was little actually. Gave me unrealistic expectations.

I'm too afraid to even ask, having watched the clip... {-_-;}

PsyGremlinPrata!15:17, 5 January 2012

Well, Sesame Street gave me unrealistic expectations that learning was going to be fun. But it wasn't...which eventually led me to doodle and talk to my fingers, each having a funny face scribbled on. The Toilet song, along with many other children songs, led me to expect that inanimate objects could talk---which led me to talk to them. I don't think that's so much...scary, than it is rather amusing. Or if you're my grandfather amused/worried.

Dumpling (talk)20:21, 5 January 2012

Just gonna leave this here.

AHAHAHA! I feel like I have to beat that...

Dumpling (talk)20:43, 5 January 2012

Bah. You speak of portable toilets? I can top that.

Star of David.png Radioactive Misanthrope02:57, 6 January 2012

Hahahaha. FANCY POOP. Wow. Very Nice Stabby. Very Nice.

Dumpling (talk)07:01, 6 January 2012

What are you studying in anthropology? I minored in history in undergrad, which included some anthropology, but I have been reading anthropological/archaeological literature more in depth recently for a "cognition and culture" project. Incidentally, there is a site run by something called the International Cognition and Culture Institute that is very useful.

Nebuchadnezzar (talk)07:12, 19 December 2011

For Anthropology, I'm specializing in physical anthropology---which may lead to forensics! Woot~ But hm...that sounds really cool actually! I'll have to look more into that.

Dumpling (talk)07:16, 19 December 2011

Mostly pre-behavioral modernity stuff or more modern stuff?

Nebuchadnezzar (talk)07:26, 19 December 2011

Mostly more modern. :3 Although, the pre-behavioral seems really interesting, but never really got a chance to go into that.

Dumpling (talk)07:29, 19 December 2011

A lot of it is rather speculative.

Nebuchadnezzar (talk)07:34, 19 December 2011

Hahahahaha. Really~?

Dumpling (talk)07:36, 19 December 2011

Heard you were sick

Get well soon! D:

Nowwhat?00:54, 16 December 2011

Stop trying to curry favour for mod votes. It is sickening to see how low you have become Ty.

AceVote Ace for Mod!00:56, 16 December 2011

Dude, she was in the hospital.

Nowwhat?01:02, 16 December 2011

I am sorry to hear that. Hope dumpling is OK.

AceVote Ace for Mod!01:05, 16 December 2011

Get well soon, Dumpling!

Star of David.png Radioactive Misanthrope01:00, 16 December 2011

Feel better!

ADtalkModerator01:37, 16 December 2011

I too would like to express my hopes that you will recover from your illness in a short amount of time.

PintOfStout Talk Good people drink good beer.01:43, 16 December 2011

Have no fear. Dumpling is here. With her trusty humidifier, which I have yet to name. Anyways...Thanks you guys.(ಥ㉨ಥ) <---Tears of joy? With enough rest and meds...and air...I'll be okay. Hopefully no more midnight emergency room trips.

Dumpling (talk)03:57, 16 December 2011

Get well soon! Nothing serious, is it?

Nebuchadnezzar (talk)04:20, 16 December 2011

Damn Elaine. Way to kill the mood. I wanted some cake and ice cream...but not anymore. Okay. I'll still take the ice cream. Haha.

Anyways---Well, no. Nothing too bad, breathing is a bit hard. And talking makes me sound like a creeper. Like one of those sex offenders that whisper in your ear with a slight raspy voice? Except, it sounds weirder...'cause it's from me, and I have a relatively cheery's...It's just weird/hard to explain.

But mum wants to make a double check. So if I'm not better by Saturday, she's taking me to my doctor to get a spinal tap. Not cool. But other than that...I don't think it's too serious?

Dumpling (talk)04:34, 16 December 2011

Oh shit, spinal tap? Don't get better soon, get better now!

Nebuchadnezzar (talk)04:46, 16 December 2011

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! <---I wish it sounded like this.

You just made my day/night. That was hilarious. I'm TRYING. But yes. A spinal tap, because mum's worried that the reason my immune system sucks balls right now is if it's a result of my leukemia. Which...shouldn't be? Because...I had a bone marrow transplant like...2-3 years ago...but..meh. In other words, she just wants to make sure my white blood cell count is okie dokey artichokey.

Dumpling (talk)04:51, 16 December 2011

"Hume" is a good name for a humidifier  :-)

Star of David.png Radioactive Misanthrope04:31, 17 December 2011

Hm~ Hume it is!

Dumpling (talk)04:35, 17 December 2011

You should read some Hume while having your room moisturized by Hume.

Nebuchadnezzar (talk)05:44, 19 December 2011

Haha. I should, but am currently in the middle of writing an essay. Maybe during my break. PHEW!

Dumpling (talk)05:45, 19 December 2011

You are not dead! Hooray for you!

Star of David.png Radioactive Misanthrope04:28, 17 December 2011

Ding Ding Ding. 10+ Bonus point for you. You are quite correct my stabby-licious friend! (ಠ㉨ರೃ) It takes more than not breathing to kill me. Mwahahaha.

Dumpling (talk)04:33, 17 December 2011

"Dumpling is fucking invincible" should become a meme.

Star of David.png Radioactive Misanthrope04:38, 17 December 2011

You mean there isn't one already? Haha. Nah, I'm kidding. That'd be nice and dandy~ but I highly doubt I'm invincible. I'm sure I have plenty of weaknesses. Like cute kittens and sad puppies...and homeless children. Wait, I shouldn't have said that. O___O

Dumpling (talk)04:43, 17 December 2011

HI Dumplin'! :-D So happy to see you back! I hope all is well now & you are feeling oh so much better - please say yes! You light up the wiki (isn't that a really old old song from long ago by Debbie Boone?)

Refugeetalk page02:33, 19 December 2011



Hollow (talk)04:06, 19 December 2011

HUGS! LOTS OF HUGS! And tea...

Dumpling (talk)04:16, 19 December 2011

Party time!

EddyP Great King! Disaster!04:50, 19 December 2011

Hahaha. ;D That's my profile video. WOOT!

Dumpling (talk)04:52, 19 December 2011

kanojo to kanojo no neko

My favorite anime. i hate hate hate the dub. but you take what you can find.  :-)

Pink mowse.pngGodotI live in the Infinite monkey cage20:42, 11 December 2011

Totally understand what you mean. D: -siiigh- Usually, I'll stick to the original Japanese version though if I can't take the dubbing. I SHALL LOOK INTO THIS!

Dumpling (talk)03:25, 13 December 2011

you can find it on **any** anime torrent site. it's 4 minutes long or so.

Pink mowse.pngGodotI live in the Infinite monkey cage05:32, 13 December 2011

OOH~ I'll do that now! :D

Dumpling (talk)05:37, 13 December 2011


The irony is that I'm Jewish, and have never had ham or bacon. But I'll be damned if it isn't catchy.

Star of David.png Radioactive Misanthrope18:35, 12 December 2011

I thought you were atheist . . . ?

I am, but I'm still culturally Jewish. Also, it's my parents' house, so I abide by the rules of kashrut (at least the parts they feel like following).

Star of David.png Radioactive Misanthrope19:18, 12 December 2011

There's an entire club for that.

Nebuchadnezzar (talk)19:20, 12 December 2011

Yah. I told my philosophy teacher I was an atheist (after he heard I was Jewish), and he nodded and said, "There's a lot of others like that in Corvallis." (Corvallis is the next town over where all the Jews live.) :D

Star of David.png Radioactive Misanthrope19:31, 12 December 2011

You don't know what you're missing on the pork/ham/bacon front. Also (presumably) shellfish. I recommend trying it, even if you have to do it away from home & keep it secret from the folks.


And the header made me believe something along the lines of pork dumplings. Those are yummy... And yes. It is rather catchy!

Dumpling (talk)03:24, 13 December 2011

Heh heh. Just watched ep 1 of the live Nodame. Good fun and yes, Nodame is super cute.

PsyGremlinPrata!18:58, 25 November 2011

it's a blast of a show. the actor that plays chiaki "senpai" just gets better each ep as he sorta falls for her, and sorta not!

Pink mowse.pngGodotSome would use a tautology to describe it ("The way things are done around here is the wa21:05, 25 November 2011

ISN'T SHEEEE!? Ah! So adorable. It really is a great show. Haha. Chiaki-Senpai. Such a jerk-face. But a lovable jerkface.

Dumpling (talk)19:51, 26 November 2011

I must confess I nearly fell off my chair laughing in ep 2, where she goes flying past Chiaki and goes face-first into a boulder. I think I must be a bad person... *sadface*

But they've done a good job capturing the "feel" of the show and the characters. And using Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" as BGM is pure win - that was my fave piece of music from the anime.

PsyGremlinPrata!10:20, 27 November 2011

Every episode is a blast! Haha. So no worries. I must be a bad person too. Teehee. But YES! It really was awesome. I'm really glad they used Rhapsody in Blue. Ah~ So cute. I feel like I should rewatch this now.

Dumpling (talk)17:01, 27 November 2011

This was my first drama so obviously taken from an anime. (I now realize many many of the dramas set in hs or college are from anime) and it really retained the anime style which I did and do find sorta off putting. But that aside, i've watched it at lest 4 times.

Limited Spoiler alert The scene where Nodama has left school, Chiaki Senpai rushes to her home, calls her, and sees her walking on the beach as she's talking to him on the phone. Ohhhhh that gets me every single time.

Pink mowse.pngGodotSome would use a tautology to describe it ("The way things are done around here is the wa17:50, 27 November 2011

GOD I LOVE THAT SCENE. Maybe I'll watch Nodame to calm my nerves. Who knowwwwws.

Dumpling (talk)04:04, 28 November 2011

So... you don't like country music.

Well... how about gothic country music?

PsyGremlinPrata!15:51, 29 November 2011

Well, it's not making my ears bleed. So it's more tolerable. :3 It's not too bad.

Dumpling (talk)17:53, 29 November 2011

tadiama! Okari

How would you spell in romangie (I can't read kangi or either of the kana) for the "hi, i'm home" "welcome back" that you hear in Japanese. something like what I wrote as the subject line.

Pink mowse.pngGodotSome would use a tautology to describe it ("The way things are done around here is the wa17:56, 17 November 2011

"Tadaima"-I'm home "Okaeri/Okaeri-nasai!"-Welcome Back

Dumpling (talk)18:00, 17 November 2011

Thank you. We watched one of the saddest/happiest dramas titled "Okaeri". It was about a group of people who had all lost relatives in a crash, and who formed a new family together. so it was sad, and happy. but the title of the show was sooooo appropriate.

Pink mowse.pngGodotSome would use a tautology to describe it ("The way things are done around here is the wa18:18, 17 November 2011

I've heard of it. I haven't had time to watch it yet. Watch 1 Litre of Tears. SO GOOD.

Dumpling (talk)03:13, 18 November 2011

Saw it.  :(

My favorite emotional shows was with Hiroshi Abe "Shiroi Haru". i LOVE "abe" (i thought that was his first name for the longest time, duh). and this one he's an ex con who goes out to reconnect with his 8 year old daughter who he had to leave to go to jail. it's sooooo emotional.  :-)

Pink mowse.pngGodotSome would use a tautology to describe it ("The way things are done around here is the wa04:30, 18 November 2011

Awwww. I remember that! It was so good! But it kinda reminded me of the Korean Movie "My Father"...Just a tad bit. I also recommend this movie. Along with Tae-Guk-Ki.

Dumpling (talk)09:27, 18 November 2011

Wow! What a read - that's quite the life you've lived. Well written too. Certainly puts my boring existence into perspective...

PsyGremlinPrata!11:15, 15 November 2011

More or less what I thought. Puts one's own life into perspective.

Scream!! (talk)11:31, 15 November 2011

o///////o...Thank you. I guess? I don't think you're boring.

Dumpling (talk)14:30, 15 November 2011

What does that do?

RJ13:24, 14 November 2011

Ohh~ Here's the lists of what you can do as a sysop. Anddddd Here's your manual. Have fun!

Dumpling (talk)13:32, 14 November 2011

I will, thank you :D

RJ13:32, 14 November 2011



Dumpling (talk)13:33, 14 November 2011

It's actually either/or -- I rolled back because you messed up the links, I didn't see the spelling change at first. Also, by "oppa" do you mean "opa"? If so, I'm definitely not old enough to be a grandpappy yet.

Nebuchadnezzar (talk)09:22, 12 November 2011

Sorry about the links. D: But, okay. Either or. Cool. YAY! I learned something new. Anyways, 'oppa' is the respective term from a younger female to an older male in Korean. Kinda older brother of sort. I think I explained this to Psy once. If I was calling you an old man (in respectives, of course), it would be ajuhshi...

Dumpling (talk)09:25, 12 November 2011

I did explain it with a bit more details.

Dumpling (talk)09:27, 12 November 2011

I see. "Opa" is grandpa in German (and Dutch). I had two opas, but now I've only got one.

Nebuchadnezzar (talk)09:37, 12 November 2011

Ah. Well, in that case. I too only have one opa left. The other, I've never met, but he died a long time ago.

Dumpling (talk)09:38, 12 November 2011

Shouldn't the older male be "아저씨" and not "아주씨"? Or is that a transliteration/transcription thing?

ʤɱ socialist18:15, 13 November 2011

Crazy Japanese game shows

Have you seen 24 hour tag?

Nebuchadnezzar (talk)16:17, 7 November 2011

I HAVE! Waaay back when I actually watched TV. Haha. Japanese and Korean gameshows are always fun. The Japanese ones are more 'off' though. Hahaha.

Dumpling (talk)16:36, 7 November 2011

I remember reading about one where they locked the guy in an apartment and he had to survive by winning stuff from magazine giveaways.

Nebuchadnezzar (talk)16:41, 7 November 2011


Dumpling (talk)16:43, 7 November 2011

I love J-drama, and the campyness of the **dubbed** Iron chef. But game shows and "talk shows" is japan blow me away. I just go "huh?"

I love Juri Ueno (Last Friends, Nodame) so I watched an interview on a "talk show" with her. I just stared. WTF was every other thought i had.

Pink mowse.pngGodotGet over it!.18:19, 7 November 2011

But I really do love j-drama. Cause it has an actual arc, a beginning, a middle and an end. No shows where you have to wait (Lost) for 7 years to figure out what's actually going on; or shows about cancer where the leads can't die, cause they have to come back next season, etc.

Pink mowse.pngGodotGet over it!.18:20, 7 November 2011

On the subject of mind fucks... the evil predecessors of Cat Soup

PsyGremlinPrata!15:48, 7 November 2011

Ehehehehe. I've watched these as well. >D

Dumpling (talk)16:08, 7 November 2011

She lives in her own little world.

Tytalk18:45, 11 October 2011

...I'll be okay. Thank you though. Fall Break if coming up, so no negative thoughts!

Dumpling (talk)19:49, 11 October 2011

Just need to make through the test tomorrow.

Tytalk19:51, 11 October 2011

Good Luck. You'll do fine. Just make sure to get your network homework done.

Dumpling (talk)01:31, 12 October 2011

Freaking online submissions.

Tytalk01:34, 12 October 2011


Liquid threads are teh work of teh ebil Devil hisself! Come back to the light!

PsyGremlinPrata!17:40, 22 September 2011

But that means I have to dieeee. People that go into the light always dieeee. I'm too cute to dieeeee! ლ(இ益இლ)

Dumpling (talk)17:45, 22 September 2011

devil's food? yummm....

Pink mowse.pngGodotThe Peyote God awaits18:01, 22 September 2011

...The Dumpling is not to be eaten. (ಠ㉨ರೃ)

Dumpling (talk)18:06, 22 September 2011

Never liked dumplings, my self. too chewy.

Pink mowse.pngGodotThe Peyote God awaits18:40, 22 September 2011


Dumpling (talk)18:43, 22 September 2011


TyTy16:57, 22 September 2011

Oh noez~ I've been brought over to the dark side. Bwahaha. Anyways~I've just been too lazy/kept forgetting to change it to liquid threads. Yay.

Dumpling (talk)16:59, 22 September 2011
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