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Banner107:05, 27 March 2014
Hovind412:38, 5 March 2014
Hovind021:40, 3 March 2014
Hello. I am new here.004:35, 22 February 2014
What does RationalWiki Promote?000:48, 22 February 2014
$wgLogo = Rwlogo_santa.png623:53, 13 December 2013
We should have Friday the 13th holidaze216:20, 13 December 2013
Current Banner117:43, 12 November 2013
I know this is beyond menial but...022:43, 15 October 2013
Threat of abuse by User:Nutty Roux214:36, 21 September 2013
Send me an email022:27, 6 September 2013
Remove the page Kevin Martin204:23, 31 August 2013
Seriously, have you called the police already?123:42, 7 August 2013
Unedited pages120:48, 6 August 2013
freeman page912:04, 26 July 2013
Installing Squid015:19, 23 July 2013
Blocking Rights621:14, 9 July 2013
Mod elections019:04, 9 July 2013
1.0018:55, 11 March 2013
Are balloons appropriate?1213:56, 9 March 2013
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Hi Trent, would you consider to update the banner to this version User:LArron/sandbox just to emphasize the success of the fundraiser?

2014 Winter Fundraiser

The Fundraiser was a HUGE success thank you to the nearly 200 people that donated.
Stay tuned for more information.
Goal: $6,000 Donations so far: $6478
Free speech isn't free. Fighting pseudoscience isn't free.
We are 100% user-supported! Help and donate today!

larron (talk)19:19, 26 March 2014

Even better!

larron (talk)07:05, 27 March 2014

This edit of Hovind quotes, which another person removed, will be quite useful regarding Hovind's claims as they show a contradiction in his court filings. More than that, it shows rationalwiki was correct. The link also explains how to find the documents free from the Clerk of Court.

Ghnn (talk)21:40, 3 March 2014

I have attempted to integrate them into the paragraph.

Tmtoulouse (talk)21:51, 3 March 2014

An article I spent hours working on today was deleted along with some material that might be of interest to your legal counsel. So I'll leave some relevant court rulings regarding Hovind here:

  • In a 1996 decision, Judge Killian wrote (bolding added): "The debtor [Kent Hovind] having failed to file his federal income tax returns for at least the years 1989 through 1995, having resisted collection efforts by the IRS, and having provided false information in his schedules and statement of affairs in connection with this case, I find that the debtor filed this petition in bad faith and as such the petition is subject to dismissal for cause under the provisions of 11 U.S.C. 1307(c)."
  • In 2006, a Tax Court judge explained, the IRS "made jeopardy assessments under section 6861 against petitioner [Kent Hovind] of income tax, of additions to tax under section 6651(f) for civil fraud and under section 6654 for underpayment of estimated tax, and of interest, relating to 1995, 1996, and 1997." Hovind further mailed a "letter making various bizarre arguments, some of which constitute tax protester arguments involving excise taxes and the alleged '100% voluntary' nature of the income tax." 6651(f), specifically refers to an "increase in penalty for fraudulent failure to file."
  • In 2012, a Tax Court Judge ruled (emphasis added): Jo Hovind "underpaid her tax liabilities for 1998-99 and 2000-06 and that some part of her underpayment for each year was due to fraud," earlier noting "Engaging in illegal activity, even if the taxpayer is not charged with a tax crime, is circumstantial evidence of fraud."
Ghnn (talk)23:02, 4 March 2014

I just sysopped you (it's conventional to make everyone who isn't obviously insane a sysop), so you can in fact recover the deleted text for yourself if you want it to hand.

David Gerard (talk)12:18, 5 March 2014

(It does strike me as the sort of text that would be interesting to have up somewhere.)

David Gerard (talk)12:38, 5 March 2014

This edit of Hovind quotes, which another person removed, will be quite useful regarding Hovind's claims as they show a contradiction in his court filings. More than that, it shows rationalwiki was correct. The link also explains how to find the documents free from the Clerk of Court.

Ghnn (talk)21:40, 3 March 2014

Hello. I am new here.

I saw you were banned from Conservapedia by Karajou... Haha. Me too. I found his reasoning against Conservapedia's own rules for mine and was trying to appeal, and show him as a poor and biased admin. Trying to find how to contact an Admin while blocked is how I found this wonderful wiki. I just wanted to say I noticed his reason for blocking you is also against Conserapedia's rules, and was wondering if there was a way to expose him. Assuming their biased wiki would even care, that is.

ZeroIsLogic (talk)04:35, 22 February 2014

What does RationalWiki Promote?

What exactaly does RationalWiki promote? I'm confused of this.

Micky12 (talk)00:48, 22 February 2014

$wgLogo = Rwlogo_santa.png

[edit] $wgLogo = Rwlogo_santa.png

RW Christmas.png Popular demand...

Sterilesig.svgtalk00:56, 13 December 2013

All ready changed it the right way this afternoon.

Tmtoulouse (talk)01:10, 13 December 2013

I guess my cache didn't let me see it!

Sterilesig.svgtalk14:50, 13 December 2013

*cough*caching problems*cough*

Occasionaluse (talk)14:55, 13 December 2013

F5 solves all my problems.

Sterilesig.svgtalk19:04, 13 December 2013

That's like saying you can fix an abusive relationship using gauze and bandages.

Occasionaluse (talk)20:28, 13 December 2013

We should have Friday the 13th holidaze

What it says on the tin

"Shut up, Brx."15:03, 13 December 2013

You can edit the template -- no special powerz needed.

nah, too lazy. oh well.

"Shut up, Brx."16:20, 13 December 2013

Current Banner

Instead of

For best results also use RationalWiki moisturizing conditioner. (Теперь и на русском языке)

could we do something on the Phillippines?

larron (talk)17:37, 12 November 2013

I have no problem with that, the text is at MediaWiki:Recentchangestext editable by any Tech. If we could get some proposed wording/discussion on how to do it somewhere it can then be implemented by any of us.

Tmtoulouse (talk)17:43, 12 November 2013

You should be aware of this: http://rationalwiki.org/w/index.php?title=User:Nutty_Roux&oldid=1240455

He makes a knowledgable threat to abuse his power. I realize I've had issues, but as you know I'm working on them. Also in the past few days, I've had an epiphany about what it is I should do and not do to avoid causing trouble. I've started work with users such as AD and refrained from saying anything to users in the face of serious harassment, just to break the cycle which would inevitably make those users see themselves as victims of my behavior. As an example of such harassment: http://rationalwiki.org/w/index.php?title=Talk:Moral_equivalence&curid=137463&diff=1239204&oldid=1239199 I don't think you should take action against Nutty Roux, but I think you should be aware of his threat.

Arcane agrees that I've been subject to ad hominem attacks, as he says here and here.

Aleksandr(a) Ehrenstein, Jewish Bolshevik13:57, 21 September 2013

Don't do this again, Ehrenstein. It's not the place for it, and it's going to achieve the opposite of your hoped-for effect. Trent's not the wiki-daddy, and he has actual things going on.

ADtalkModerator14:21, 21 September 2013

Ok. Thank you for telling me that. I don't want him to do anything about it at the moment.

Aleksandr(a) Ehrenstein, Jewish Bolshevik14:36, 21 September 2013

Send me an email


Aleksandr(a) Ehrenstein, Jewish Bolshevik22:27, 6 September 2013

Remove the page Kevin Martin

Edited by 0 users.
Last edit: 17:48, 7 August 2013

Remove the page ASAP as I have deemed 75% of the stuff on there libel. Do it now ...

17:48, 7 August 2013

Ohhhh, scary.

Green mowse.pngGodot The ablity to breath is such an overrated ability17:53, 7 August 2013

An eye for an eye is a stupid thing to do, especially when we have sources and you've stated on record your intentions to libel us. And, so much for "getting an attorney". Instead of an attorney, you went for libel. Oh, you are precious.

Ochotona princepsnot a pokémon23:46, 7 August 2013

Seriously, have you called the police already?

Letting this Kevin Martin get away with this shit shouldn't be an option. Get the police to come take a statement from you and give them the extortion emails and copies of that page he's put up. Should be enough to prosecute him.

If nothing else, you should probably try to do something about this being on google news, and therefor google classic.

Token Conservative (talk)23:42, 7 August 2013

Unedited pages

So I have a strange question, and figured you might be as good a place to start. Maybe David G, too. I want to go and look at some of our old pages, but specifically those that have not been edited in a while. I noticed we have a "special page" for "oldest pages", and I'm starting there - but do you know if there is any way to filter by "last edit" or something? So that a page written in 2007 but continually edited, isn't included?

thanks if you have any help. T

Green mowse.pngGodot The ablity to breath is such an overrated ability20:45, 6 August 2013

NEVERMIND! I made an edit to cohort study and the page no longer appears in "oldest pages", so that must actually be "oldest edits".

Live and learn. then go eat chocolate.

Green mowse.pngGodot The ablity to breath is such an overrated ability20:48, 6 August 2013

the views on that page are biased and you know it. why is the section about freeman winning in court empty? i am a FMOTL and win everytime i have been to court and even had magistrates charged for breaking their oath of office under Section 13 of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835. i have charged TV licencing for my sevices which i have recieved the funds through a commercial lien. so tell me how it isnt biased as i was trying to say? (talk)22:03, 25 July 2013

"[F]reeman winning in court": Nope. Show me a single instance of a FMOTL winning any court. Frivolous pseudo-law gets them sanctioned and briefly locked up for contempt of court. That's the opposite of winning "[H]ad magistrates charged for breaking their oath of office under Section 13 of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835.": No you haven't, but you have shown in a mere 3 sentences that you don't understand what you're blathering about. Congratulations. No judge makes his oath of office by affidavit.

Nutty Roux100x100 anarchy symbol.svg22:17, 25 July 2013

how can it be contempt of court when the magistrate sits alone?! (which then wouldn't actually be a conventually convened court of law so lawfully a magistrate is powerless) he is unaffected. even a direct insult to a magistrate should be brushed off by them, that is assuming he has acted diligently and with integrity which they must under their oaths. (talk)23:25, 25 July 2013

Your freeman babble isn't going to impress. Evidence, put up or shut up. I have seen all the you tube videos and every claim of success that can actually be examined (I.E. there is enough information to look it up) has shown that the freeman crank has lost and usually lost badly. It is akin to the sovereign citizen crap in the US and the tax protesters that have never won a case on the merits of their arguments.

Tmtoulouse (talk)23:28, 25 July 2013

I am UK so i am not sure about the US laws and how/if they differ. I am in court in 2 weeks as the policy men do not understand my right of travel so i shall let you know how it goes. btw it isnt babble because it is LAW and there is plenty of evidence that proves it.

Mole4321 (talk)23:35, 25 July 2013

well guys it is is LAW with plenty of evidence time to pack it in and shut down our foolish site goodbye

ADtalkModerator00:56, 26 July 2013

Just imagine how rich you'd be if you started a law school to teach this wisdom.

Nutty Roux100x100 anarchy symbol.svg23:39, 25 July 2013

rich with promissory notes? no thanks my toilet roll has the same worth

Mole4321 (talk)23:41, 25 July 2013

I believe this would be relevant here.

Scarlet A.pngbomination12:04, 26 July 2013

Installing Squid

When I install Squid, do I need to configure all the websites and virtual hosts to use it?

Александр(а) (Talk | Contribs | Ragebox)15:19, 23 July 2013

Blocking Rights

Shouldn't a mod have blocking rights?

MarcusCicero (talk)20:55, 9 July 2013

Sysops yourself.

Tmtoulouse (talk)20:58, 9 July 2013

Awhh... come on, I'm famously incompetent with computers.

MarcusCicero (talk)21:11, 9 July 2013

Hence why its a good exercise:

Goto Special PAges under the tool box on the side column

Find the Users and Rights section

Click on User rights management

Enter your user name

Check sysops


Proft. Viva la something or other.

Tmtoulouse (talk)21:12, 9 July 2013

Thanks. Its actually 'vive'.

MarcusCicero (talk)21:14, 9 July 2013

Thanks. Its actually 'vive'.

MarcusCicero (talk)21:14, 9 July 2013

Thanks. Its actually 'vive'.

MarcusCicero (talk)21:14, 9 July 2013

Can you check the names versus numbers? I'm particularly interested in #2 which doesn't tie up with an alphabetical list.

You're probably tired of people asking you this, but do you have anything of RW1.0 stuck away anywhere? I missed the whole thing and I'd love to see what it was like.

SophieWilder18:55, 11 March 2013

Are balloons appropriate?

Edited by author.
Last edit: 12:27, 9 March 2013

Well, are they? You're getting them anyway.... Balloons.svg

steriletalk01:02, 6 March 2013


Nutty Roux100x100 anarchy symbol.svg01:18, 6 March 2013

I'm guessing Trent received his doctorate? CONGRATULATIONS!

Star of David.png Radioactive Misanthrope01:39, 6 March 2013

Well done.

Not yet! Friday is the day!

Tmtoulouse (talk)02:24, 6 March 2013

I will not likely be around Friday, so here's a premature congratulations.

Reckless Noise Symphony (talk)09:22, 6 March 2013
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