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The Fourteen Words is a White nationalist phrase which refers to one of the following 14-word slogans:[1]

The slogans were coined by noted racist David Lane in reference to his 88 Precepts and "pyramid prophecy" as well as an 88-word excerpt from Mein Kampf. Thus, white supremacists will sometimes combine "the 14 words" in reference to the excerpt in the phrase "14/88" or "1488".

"88" has dual meaning as it also is used to reference H as the 8th letter of the alphabet, and thus the 88 can also be used to stand for HH, or "Heil Hitler".[2]

Political use[edit]

Hungarian far-right (though purportedly not Neo-Nazi) party Jobbik often uses the numbers 14 and 88, such as publishing their program for the 2010 elections in 88 pages[3] and having their party headquarters' phone number be (+36 1) 365 14 88.[4]

In January 2017, Ann Coulter posted a tweet saying only "14!". This was widely interpreted by alt-right Twitter users, as well as liberal observers, as a dog whistle referencing the Fourteen Words and openly identifying herself for the first time as a white nationalist, although Coulter later tweeted that she was counting down the final days of Obama's Presidency and was unaware of the number's Nazi associations.[5]