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A talisman of St. Benedict, believed to ward off evil. The mysterious inscription represents Vade retro, Satanas: "get thee behind me, Satan".
As performed by
Tim the Enchanter


By the powers of woo
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Marshmallow power, double me luck!
—Lucky the Leprechaun

Amulets and talismans are objects believed to hold magical properties, such as bringing good luck, repelling evil, curing illnesses, or attracting the opposite sex.

Some occultists draw a difference between amulets and talismans, holding that amulets are natural objects that acquire their powers through their nature, while talismans are artifacts that have been charged by witches or wizards with their magical properties. Rest assured that both kinds are equally effective.

[edit] Non-exhaustive list of amulets

[edit] Non-exhaustive list of talismans

[edit] Further reading

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