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Human sexuality

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A baker's dozen on sex
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The bonobo or pygmy chimpanzee lives in central Africa and together with the common chimpanzee is our closest living relative.

It is notorious for its exuberant sexual activity. Nothing seems too morally decrepit for these lascivious simians whose activities include:

  • Using sex as a greeting, a method of avoiding conflict, and a system of post-conflict resolution.
  • Using sex for recreation.
  • Enthusiastically indulging in face-to-face genital sex. This is most frequently female-female. But the guys do "get it on", and when they do, it is called penis fencing.
  • Practice tongue kissing and oral sex. And yes, dear shocked Christians, these activities are both heterosexual and homosexual. (What was G-d thinking?)

All this goes on both within and outside the family and involves adults, children and infants. Again, What was G-d thinking?

Humanity may, or may not, have something to learn.

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