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Brian Dunning

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Dunning pictured at right.

Brian Dunning is a skeptic, entrepreneur and convicted fraudster who runs the Skeptoid podcast and contributes to SkepticBlog. Skeptoid covers a wide range of topics related to pseudoscientific and paranormal claims in a ten to fifteen minute length format.

Dunning has also produced a half-hour film called Here be Dragons, which is intended as a primer for skeptical thinking and is a great resource for the uninitiated. He's also been prattling on about doing a TV series called The Skeptologists for the last three years, but no one really knows what happened to it or if it will actually get picked up. However, Michael Shermer, Phil Plait, Steven Novella, and a few other skeptics did sign up for the project.


[edit] DDT controversy

Dunning caused drama within the skeptical community when he accidentally recycled some bullshit cooked up by notorious shill Steve Milloy in the Skeptoid episode on DDT.[1] He made a number of factual errors regarding Rachel Carson's research, eggshell thinning, and DDT's role in fighting malaria. Tim Lambert of Deltoid claimed that he had attempted to contact Dunning about the episode, but could not reach him. Lambert then posted a two-part refutation of the Skeptoid episode.[2][3] Orac of Respectful Insolence,[4] Bug Girl of Skepchick,[5][3] and a number of other skeptical blogs and fora piled on. Some of the comment threads got a bit foaming-at-the-mouth, denouncing Dunning as a crypto-libertarian inserting wingnuttery into his show. For some reason, Dunning got butthurt over this and made a response denying any political affiliation, whining that no one had contacted him before the take-downs of his episode popped up in the skeptical blogosphere, and then blew off most of the criticisms of his piece.[6] There was a small flare-up in reaction to this, then the shitstorm ended and everyone stopped caring.

[edit] Crime

In 2008, eBay sued Dunning, his brother Todd, and Shawn Hogan for running a cookie stuffing[wp] scheme. In 2010, Dunning was indicted on five counts of wire fraud.[7][8] He pled guilty to one of the charges on April 17, 2013, and was sentenced to 15 months in prison followed by 3 years of supervised release on August 5, 2014.[9]

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