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Bubba Effect

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The "Bubba Effect" is a trend of behavior that was postulated on one of Glenn Beck's shows by United States Army (Ret.) Command Sgt. Major Tim Strong about groups of people heading for the hills when they feel threatened or times are uncertain.[1][2][3]

It is some bizarre theory that the US Government is going to institute martial law and enslave the citizens of the United States because the economy will collapse in the near future. Apparently it only includes those in rural "Real America" being able to resist in their armed survival compounds with rifles and Bibles in hand. The name itself is an attempt to reclaim the stereotypical "redneck" name,[4] implying that this manner of readiness is a virtue scorned by the effete.

In practice, the Bubba Effect amounts to vague threats springing from a collection of survivalist ideas and brain-dead conspiracy theories. This is about as close as Beck has come to condoning outright violence against government entities, and citizenry that just "don't get it,"[5] by casting it in a positive light. It is so broad that it often gathers up a number of Ron Paul supporters as well.[6]

Alex Jones' followers head to the hills on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, whenever they get a FEMA camp deportation emergency. They also have nice picnics, so it's worth joining them.

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[edit] Footnotes

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