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Caiden Cowger is a 15 year-old teenage conservative, political commentator, radio talk show host, "author", and self-proclaimed "hero of the youth" who has recently attained quite a bit of notoriety throughout the interwebs. Said notoriety came from a video uploaded to YouTube on June 7th, 2012 titled "Obama is Making Kids Gay" in which he, as the title suggests, pins the apparent increase of recognized "homosexshals" on president Barack Obama's speaking out in the name of gay rights. Upon closer inspection, he appears to be another generic "Gawd, gunz 'n gayz" conservative who just so happens to be young. Being as such, there is still a shred of hope that a day will come in which he grows up and realizes just how much of an idiot he came off as. But alas, today is not that day.

[edit] View-botting scandal

In the true spirit of Republicanism, Caiden has taken advantage of the system. That is, he botted the views on his videos. This issue came to prominence when YouTube user ElectricUnicycleCrew made a video which called him out on it based on suspicion. From then on, further evidence had been provided and Caiden had been put at risk of losing his partnership. On an alternate account, he defended himself with a video in which he claimed the "liberals" were trying to "ruin his reputation". Soon after, he addressed the accusations on his main channel claiming that he did not know how to viewbot and he closed video statistics in order to troll people.[1]

(UPDATE) he lied

[edit] Restoring America

Yes. Apparently Mr. Cowger has his own book titled Restoring America. In it, he addresses "how america's morals, economy, and principles are being destroyed" [sic])[2] with poorly written and grammatically incorrect walls of text displaying run-of-the-mill conservative "reasoning". Oh, and kid, here's a hint: Jesus-is-savior is not a reliable resource. Needless to say, it was not very well-received. Except by this guy, apparently.

[edit] Footnotes

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