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Christopedia was a hopelessly (and fortunately) small wiki which claimed to be written from a fundamentalist Christian viewpoint, but which actually espoused mostly White Supremacist ideology and far from subtle racism. Basically it consisted of the worst elements of Metapedia and Conservapedia combined. Happily, it no longer exists; the site,, is now offline.


[edit] Original work

As of early November 2009, it had just over 750 "divinely inspired articles". This is a somewhat interesting phrase as it appears most of the articles were copied directly (redlinks and all) from Wikipedia. Does this imply that Wikipedia is God? Maybe. Vox populi, vox Dei.

Christopedia's original content was slanted entirely towards race related articles. Their article on Barack Obama almost succeeds in being more racist than the equivalent article on Metapedia![1] It does however, appear to be originally written by Christopedia's one major editor. The site also has an article on "negroids" which would make the KKK seem tolerant. Read it if you dare, but you won't like it.[2] The wiki's article on Affirmative Action was similarly scathing and provided an insight into the minds of the editors.[3]

The main page featured a link to the Academic Freedom Bill; "Academic Freedom" in this context is a code word for teach the controversy with regards to Intelligent Design. This unfortunately indicates that Christopedia (well, the aforementioned single editor who has miraculously managed to pay for decent Media Wiki hosting, at least) was probably not parody but a real insight into extreme racist views.

[edit] Destruction and death

Judging by the contents of one of the few talk pages, the site attracted attention from a certain sort of people.[4]

By the end of November 2009, it was mostly overrun by parodists and vandals, with virtually no hope of being revived - for example, the page on God was replaced almost entirely with Cthulhu references. Soon after, the domain name had expired, which is sort of a shame as the Cthulhu vandalism was funny (if slightly unoriginal) and the Barack Obama article was worth reading, if only for the shock value (and the almost hilarious over use of the word "mulatto").

Well, it had its five seconds of attention; it certainly will not be missed.

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