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Ken Pac-Mans the gays (It sounds dirtier than it is)

Summa Homosexualita is a work in progress by Ken DeMyer, which aims to not-so-concisely document every quote or figure critical of homosexuality. DeMyer has broken his very poorly written, rambling, and non-sequitur-laden opus magnum into numerous sections, each generally consisting entirely of an out-of-context quote or quotes from someone who is far from an expert on the subject. Whether this obsessive writing is the result of highly suppressed homosexuality by the author or perhaps being touched in bad places by his father is unknown.

From a quick survey of 500 of Ken's edits (from this one to this one), 447 (89.4%) of those edits relate to homosexuality. This is counting only those edits to articles with titles and edit summaries that relate to homosexuality, and edits to images that are only used in articles complying with the previous condition.

Though DeMyer doesn't deny being homosexually inclined himself, he won't confirm such suspicions either. Much as he claims he isn't Kdbuffalo, by neither confirming nor denying.

In November 2007, Ken DeMyer's Summa Homosexualita became the subject of intense interest by internet bloggers when 9 of the top 10 most-viewed articles on Conservapedia were concerned with homosexuality-related topics, the only one not related to homosexuality being the home page.

[edit] Chapters

Note: Not all are the work of Conservative, though the vast majority are.

[edit] Fun facts

Not including the "footnotes" section, or anything below it, the article on homosexuality is roughly 120 pages double-spaced in 12-point font. This rivals the length of many dissertations. How's that for concise?

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