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Creation Today is a program hosted by Eric Hovind, a Young Earth Creationist. Hovind is accompanied by a guest and answers callers and emails regarding questions of creation, the Bible, Christianity, religion, evolution, science, schools, museums, and such.

Eric Hovind (son of creationist Kent Hovind) decided to start his own short show where he and a guest discuss creationism. Thus far, his main guests have been Paul Taylor, a British creationist, and Sye Ten Bruggencate, an advocate of the Transcendental Argument for the existence of God. Creation Today is posted on its YouTube page, CreationScienceMinistries every week. The first episode was uploaded 5/26/11, discussing several topics including how children should cope in public classrooms.

Hovind continues to spread the same similar creationist propaganda brought forth by his father, while simultaneously distorting and spreading lies about science. Such distortions as calling evolution a religion, that teaching it in school is indoctrination, and that these lies should be removed from the textbooks.

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