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Denial of Soviet occupation is the refusal to admit military occupations of many Eastern European countries from the prelude to the aftermath of World War II.[1][2]

[edit] Examples

Saying that USSR had occupied the Baltic states is absurd and nonsense. One can not occupy something that already belongs to him.
—Russian Federation's foreign minister Sergei Ivanov, May 7 2005, in an address to Red Army veterans[3]
It is just another inadequate action of the President. What occupation? This is absurd. [...] Communists will use all influence on the parliamentary majority to prevent opening of such museum.
—Oleksandr Golub, of the Communist Party of Ukraine, March 2 2007, commenting on president Yushchenko's initiative on opening an occupation museum in Ukraine. [4]
There was no occupation. There were agreements at the time with the legitimately elected authorities in the Baltic countries.
—Kremlin's European affairs chief Sergei Yastrzhembsky[5]
There is no Soviet domination of eastern Europe, ...
Gerald Ford in a Oct 6 1976 debate with Jimmy Carter[6]

[edit] Footnotes

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