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Evidence for God from Science or godandscience.org is a Christian apologetics website created by Richard L. Deem.[1][2] It defends belief in Old Earth Creationism by making a day-age interpretation of the Bible, whilst considering both Darwinian evolution and a 6,000-year-old universe unbiblical.

[edit] Criticism of Young Earth Creationism

By accepting the concept of deep time, the site exposes a vastly more accurate view of the Universe. Rich Deem is critical towards Young Earth Creationist belief that death did not exist before The Fall, arguing that such a world cannot function.

[edit] Deep time

By adhering to a day-age interpretation, the site is quite dishonest regarding the Genesis creation myth. It is argued that the original Hebrew text uses the word yom to describe each span of time during creation, which does not necessarily mean day.[3] But setting that aside, the order of events is inconsistent with current scientific data. The following are corrections made to its day-age interpretations.

[edit] Convictions about science

[edit] Basis of homosexuality

Both sides of the nature vs. nurture debate are criticized. Rich Deem suggests that sexuality is a preference rather than an unchanging orientation, nonetheless he thinks that past child abuse cannot be the root of homosexual behavior.[4]

[edit] Evolution

Despite being fundamental to biology, the site considers evolution and common descent to be wrong.[5] Deep homologies are portrayed as the result of a common designer, not common descent. The phrase that "God created man from dust" actually refers to the creation of new species by using pre-existent genetic material, since Deem argues that the alternative of creation de novo is ineffective and time-consuming. However, these problems would not pose limitations to an all-powerful, all-knowing, timeless creator. Arguably, limiting to modify templates (called exaptation by evolutionary biologists) limits the effectiveness of the outcome. The embryological development of kidneys are an example. At one stage, the pronephrotic kidney develops in vertebrates, only retaining a permanent function of waste removal in lampreys.[6] Its exact function during the development of land tetrapods is dubious, but it most likely gives the way to key processes that help to form functional kidneys, before withering away. Remodelling is the leading force of evolution, but God could just figure out a less time-consuming and wasteful way of developing functional kidneys.

[edit] GMOs

See the main article on this topic: Genetically modified organism

The site shows no refusal towards genetically-modified food, for both scientific and religious reasons.[7] With Rich Deem being a molecular biologist himself, he is aware that such kind of crops help to reduce the use of environmentally-harmful pesticides and the carbon footprint, and that they are not any less healthy for consumption than non-GMO food. From a religious standpoint, Deem sees that altering genomes is no more offensive to God than subjecting its non-human creations to selective breeding. His YouTube video explaining his position was received with negative comments despite its accuracy,[8] stating that Deem must have been paid by Monsanto, while in reality he is employed in a medical center and has no ties with either the organic food nor the GMO industry.[7]

[edit] Content and sources

Most of the articles are written by Deem himself, who derives his information from an extensive list of sources. These range from articles to books, such as The Cell's Design,[9] by Fazale Rana and The Creator and the Cosmos by Hugh Ross; also Old Earth Creationists. There is an entire subsection dedicated to review books and movies, the themes of which include humor, philosophy, religion and science.

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[edit] References

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