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First Timothy

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The Bible

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First Timothy is an epistle from the New Testament, generally attributed to Paul. It is generally read with Second Timothy and Titus, an assumption being that these were once a single letter (or parts of a single sermon) that were over time and through tradition, broken into the three distinct epistles.

The letters are guides for a student (likely, Timothy) in how to set up a church, organize it, and how to focus reflection and worship in these new churches. The letters are very "practical" and do not really delve into any theological issues or insight about Paul's church.

First Timothy also tells us to avoid pointless genealogies, making it incompatible with much of the Old Testament, and parts of the Gospel, which are nothing but genealogies. He also points out that women are never to "suffer authority over a man", which basically means God hates women, which is nothing new here, honestly.

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