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Norse mythology

From the Edda
Are those folds in your loincloth or are you just happy to see me?

Freyr is a god in Norse mythology who is usually depicted with a large, erect penis. He is one of the Vanir, the old line of gods who were opposed to the Aesir, and became one of the hostages given to the Aesir at the conclusion of the war. He is considered the most important of the Norse fertility gods. He is also considered one of the dumber gods, in that he gave away his magical sword, which could "slay by itself" in a battle, as payment to his servant Skírnir in exchange for wooing the giantess Gerd. The lack of this sword will be the cause of his death during Ragnarok.

He is the brother of the beautiful goddess Freyja, and son of the god Njord.

In Sweden, he is one of the most ancient mythical kings, sometimes known as Yngvi-Frey. There were many old ceremonies devoted to him there, involving beautiful maidens and youths.

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