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Mangina is a term used primarily by MRAs, MGTOWs, PUAs, and loveshys/incels to refer to men outside said movements who think that said movements are full of shit. In the minds of these fellows, for a man to disagree with any of their points is to sell out to the mean old feminazis and revoke their status as a "real man". Presumably, most of the male readers and editors of RationalWiki would be considered manginas (and totally beta, too).

You might be a mangina if:

  • You believe that, actually, it is women who comprise the sex who have historically faced the most systemic discrimination by society.
  • You believe that women continue to face discrimination and thus that feminism is still necessary.
  • You believe that witnessing some commercial portraying a bumbling dad is not of the same caliber as being flogged to death for trying to go to school.
  • You do not believe that American women are universally self-centered harpies involved in a conspiracy to falsely accuse men of rape and domestic abuse so as to secure child custody, child support and alimony.
  • You believe that the likes of Solanas, Daly and Radfem Hub comprise merely an obscure extremist fringe, the same as that possessed by any given sociopolitical ideology, and that even then, they originate from a sounder basis (i.e… thousands of years of discrimination) than MRAs ever have.
  • You believe that women have absolutely no obligation whatsoever to date men just because said men happen to be lonely virgins.
  • You do not believe that your self-worth is indicated by your Alpha-as-Fuck ability to sleep with every woman you meet.

So yeah, you have to be pretty maladjusted in order to not be classified as a mangina by these people.

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