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New Conservapedia is a wiki created in September 2010 to not only build an encyclopedia of 110% CX%[1] Truth, but to also to analyze and refute liberal bias on the more well known site[2] As seen by the article, it's very clearly a parody of Conservapedia's claims that everyone besides themselves are liberals.

New Conservapedia is growing rapidly, and will soon have Over MMMMMMMMM articles at this rate.

While an amusing gesture good for some chuckles, New Conservapedia is ultimately a failure, because no matter how outrageous the parody articles, it's hard to make them more outrageous than the serious articles already on Conservapedia. One site has articles like "Evolutionists who have had problems with being overweight and/or obese", "Muslim agenda of the Obama administration", and "Log Cabin Republican's Purge Mark Foley Picture from Their Website". The other has articles like "Homosexuality and home pizza delivery" and "Great Timezone Conspiracy". Which is the spoof site and which is real? Who can tell? An admin there has also taken the liberty of parodying the recent surge in bestiality content with articles such as "Bestiality and", "Bestiality and Nintendo", and "Bestiality and Animal Crossing".

There are, however, some genuine differences. New Conservapedia is monarchist and flat earthist. Old Conservapedia seems to have not yet come around to true conservatism on those issues, not yet.

[edit] Failed wiki at Wikkii

One of the hosts for New Conservapedia was Wikkii. This variant of New Conservapedia is now closed, since it was set as private to anyone except administrators by a rogue bureaucrat. Wikkii also does not have any way of adopting wikis or demoting rogue bureaucrats on the Farmer wikis, so there was no way to reopen the wiki. In response to the incident, their admins can be found complaining to the owner of Wikkii on their support forums.[3] They can also be found complaining that Wikkii doesn't have a good enough method of preventing people from editing on the Sabbath.[4] They could apply for advanced hosting and just write an extension that would lock the wiki to any user currently on the Sabbath, although people with dated views probably aren't skilled enough to do that.

On a related note, it's likely that New Conservapedia would be deleted from Wikkii if they ever did get a start there again, since that is usually what happens to wikis that promote racist or homophobic agendas. Seriously objectionable wikis are generally deleted without warning, as happened with Greecepedia.[5]

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  1. See their page on Math "Islamic" numbers are forbidden. Nevermind that they are actually from India.
  2. Examples of liberal bias in the other Conservapedia

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