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A short introduction to creating links to pages on the wiki or external websites.

Internal links[edit]

To link to a RationalWiki page use a wikilink with double square brackets:

[[User:Human]] produces User:Human.

If you want to give the link a different designation use the pipe symbol:

[[User:Human|speakers]] which will show as speakers.

The 'pipe' symbol is on most keyboards at SHIFT/BACKSLASH. Note: wiki article names are case-sensitive, except for the first letter.

If you want to use a plural or otherwise extended form an article name for your link, just continue the name after the closing brackets.

[[Fundamentalist]]s produces Fundamentalists, likewise, [[evolution]]ary makes evolutionary.

Alternatively, you could use the plural or other variant, since, in many cases, there will be a redirect page linking this to the article. If it comes up as a red link, it will only take a moment to create the redirect page. See here for more help on creating redirect pages.

A link for which the target page doesn't exist will show as a red link.

Section links[edit]

You can link to a specific section by typing #Section name after the page name:

[[RationalWiki#History]] produces RationalWiki#History which takes you to the History section of the RationalWiki article.

If you want to link to a section on the same page, omit the page name to prevent a reload:

[[#Links to external websites]] produces #Links to external websites which takes you to the Links to external websites section of this page.

Categories and images[edit]

See Help:Images for more information.

Links to Categories and Images are different than normal links. A link to a category will be removed from the text and will cause the page to be placed into that category. A link to an image will place the image onto the page.

To create a normal link to these, add a colon (:) at the beginning:

[[:Category:Help]] produces Category:Help.
[[:File:Stilton.jpg]] produces File:Stilton.jpg.

Annotated Bible[edit]

{{Bible|John|16|3}} is a shortcut that produces a link to The RationalWiki Annotated Bible like this: John 16:3.
{{Bible|John|16|3|6}} produces a link to a range in the annotated Bible like this: John 16:3-6.

Annotated Qur'an[edit]

{{Qur'an|2|29}} is a shortcut that produces a link to the RationalWiki Annotated Qur'an like this: Qur'an 2:29.

Interwiki links[edit]

Pages on Conservapedia, A Storehouse of Knowledge, and Wikipedia can be entered by including "cp:","ask:", or "wp:" (note the colon) before the page name. Pages referred in this manner will be subject to change by the site editors and may not be the page you intend.

[[wp:evolution]] produces wp:evolution. A link like this can also be piped to chosen text:
[[wp:evolution|Conservapedia's nightmare]] produces Conservapedia's nightmare

Note permalinks and difflinks to wiki pages should be treated as external links (see below).

As a general practice, using direct wp: links in articles is frowned upon, because they are easy to confuse with internal links. Instead, use Template:Wpl ({{wpl|Wikipedia}} produces WikipediaWikipedia's W.svg) or Template:Wpa (allows the text: "See the Wikipedia article on ..." to be included, usually as a footnote or an entry in the External links section).

Links to external websites[edit]

Web pages in general, no matter where they are hosted, can be referred by simply including their full address in the text: produces:

Enclosing the web address in single square brackets will reduce it:

[] produces [1]. The number increments down the page.

To give a different designation, leave a space at the end of the address and insert the wording required:

[ UK secularist organisation] produces UK secularist organisation

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