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Human Varieties

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Human Varieties (HV) is an HBD website that hosts pseudoscientific and racist blog-posts.

The Nature of Race[edit]

John Fuerst (who posts as "Chuck" at HV) published a book called The Nature of Race. This book is quoted extensively on white nationalist and neo-Nazi websites such as Metapedia and Stormfront as evidence that "race" exists, that it is useful to understand human biological variation, and and that IQ differences between races are inherited.[1][2]

Fuerst describes his book as "peer-reviewed". In fact, the journal that published Fuerst's work, Open Behavioral Genetics (via the OpenPsych forum) is a racist pseudo-journal founded by Emil O. W. Kirkegaard.

Fuerst used to run the racist and far-right blog Occidentalist, which had links to Alternative Right.[3]


For more information, see: Metapedia

Metapedia, an infamous neo-Nazi clone of Wikipedia, quotes the 'book' as "peer-reviewed" on virtually all its entries on race. Amusingly, Metapedia writes: "The book argued that those who stated rejection of race could be influenced by political rather than scientific considerations".[4] No mention is made that John Fuerst used to run a blog that advertised Alternative Right, and holds white nationalist political views.

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