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Hunter Avallone (b. 1996) is a conservative blogger and youtuber. He is best known for his video "The Truth About Transgenders[sic]";[1] and his video-responses to various liberal youtubers


[edit] Controversy

Avallone gained national recognition with his video "The Truth about Transgenders(sic)". As of 21 September 2016, it had over 270,000 views. Several LGBT sites criticized his transphobia.[2][3] In the video, he quotes professor Paul R. McHughWikipedia's W.svg, a prominent opponent of sex transition surgery,[4] despite the fact that much of the research McHugh references is outdated or misrepresented.[5][6]

Avallone's video on the Target bathroom boycott has also gained noteriety.[citation needed] Avallone claims that allowing trans individuals to use the bathroom that identifies with their gender identity somehow "infringes on the rights of others".[citation needed] He further slanders trans individuals by calling them "sexual predators".[citation needed]

[edit] Avallone and the alt right

The majority of comments on Avallone's videos are from people in the alt-right. Avallone has denied he is an alt-rightist but does support Donald Trump.[7] However, as his videos have shown, his opinions do not appear to condone white supremacy, and he has expressed in many videos the belief that all men are equal and has said on repeated occasions that he does not believe any one race or sex is superior to another.

[edit] Creationism

Back in the day, he used to make creationist videos, which sometimes resulted in Jaclyn Glenn making response videos. However, in a video about fat-shaming, he made an evolutionary argument as to why fat people are overall less attractive, indicating he has dropped his creationist beliefs.

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