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Jack Van Impe

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Jack Van Impe, the 'Walking Bible,'[1] is another in a long line of biblical fundamentalists who preaches that the world will soon end. His syndicated religious program Jack Van Impe Presents, co-hosted by his wife Rexella, is presented as a faux newscast complete with co-host chatter.


[edit] World's end

The end is nigh, Jack Van Impe has predicted this on numerous occasions the end times, but as the dates come to pass, another miserable failure ensues. Currently, he is banking on the Mayan calendar end times of 2012 a nuclear war with Russia. Van Impe escaped the death sentence despite the Old Testament commanding that prophets whose predictions fail should not live. (Deuteronomy 18:20-22), fortunately for him, the United States is not a Christian country.

[edit] Controversy

Van Impe once called fellow televangelist Pat Robertson an “Osami [sic] bin Laden" for calling for the assassination of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.[2] He has also accused Rick Warren and others of blending Christianity with Islam, thus making... Chrislam. Van Impe severed his relationship with Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) over their reluctance to rebroadcast this insight.[3] Naturally, Warren denied it all.[4] Interfaith is somehow connected with demonic influences and the New World Order.[5]

After severing ties with TBN, his show now appears on rival religious broadcaster Daystar Television.[6]

Ever the stopped clock, he wrote the book Sabotaging the World Church to document and criticize intolerance and hyper-fundamentalism among his fellow independent Baptists.

In 2001, Jack and Rexella Van Impe were "awarded" the Ig Nobel Prize in Astrophysics "for their discovery that black holes fulfill all the technical requirements to be the location of Hell."[7]

He also seems to despise Russia.[8]

[edit] Announcer

The start and end of the Van Impe broadcasts, as well as the pitches for his latest book or DVD, is by the bass-throated Chuck Ohman, a former trumpeter for Percy B. Crawford's "Youth on the March" television broadcasts. Often on the Christmas themed broadcasts, he performs a religious song on his trumpet.[9]

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