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Jon "JonTron" Jafari is a popular YouTuber who produces video game and movie reaction videos.

Jafari's channel has 3.1 million subscribers and 409 million views.[1]


[edit] Here's the thing...

After the 2016 US election, Jafari became more vocal about his political views. Jafari has since expressed support of views consistent with those of white nationalists and the alt-right in a debate with streamer Destiny. For obvious reasons, those living in the reality-based community kinda didn't take too well to all that. This includes Playtonic Games, the developers known for being part of Rare's team that developed the Banjo-Kazooie games (JonTon is known for his videos related to Banjo-Kazooie, particularly his Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts video). Due to the controversy, Playtonic Games pulled JonTron's voice effects from Yooka-Laylee.[2]

Despite his vocal opinions outside the show, Jafari in the show surprisingly handles sensitive topics maturely while still being funny.[note 1] In one notable video, Disney Bootlegs,[3] Jafari negatively reacts to a swastika and a blackface depiction while still executing a humorous and entertaining comedy routine. Despite having alt-right views, it is not reflected in any of his video content. In the contrary, there is a clear problem with Jafari's opinions — as expressed by himself outside of the sketch comedy-type setting of the JonTron show.[note 2]

[edit] Straight from the horse's mouth

In general, Jafari's responses to Destiny (the streamer, not the video game) largely consisted of laughter, moving the goalposts, or denial in the face of well-established facts. For example:

Destiny: A hundred and fifty years ago, Italians, Polish people, Irishmen, wouldn't have even been considered white people, let alone Americans.

Jafari: I don't know that that's true. That is just a myth. That's not true. They were considered white. I don't know where this thing that Italians and Irish weren't considered white. That's ridiculous. You seen Irish, they're like the whitest people around, the hell, that's just a fucking myth. So [laughs] I'm gonna take that from you.

Destiny: I can't read the word, it's "white n-word", this is what Irishmen were called in the United States. [Destiny appears to send the Wikipedia article to JonTron.]

Jafari: [laughs] I need more proof than a short Wikipedia article.

Destiny: What do you want? We're talking about an undisputed fact.

Jafari: They were called that, but they were still white. That's all I'm saying.

Destiny: Dude, they literally had signs in the United States that said, "Irish need not apply." They were less than humans. These people were treated horribly. They were not seen as Americans or even white people. They were called "reverse negroes".

Jafari: Maybe they were a buncha dicks, huh? [laughs for 5s][4]

Even though Destiny was incorrect that Irishmen were seen as nonwhites (they just faced massive, systemic racism of another kind), Jafari's responses added nothing to the discussion.

Jafari repeatedly followed (almost word-for-word) the logic of the "white genocide" conspiracy theory.

In terms of a demographic majority, I don't know that a nation can exist without one. This truly, "multicultural every single person is a different [laughs] thing or race or religion", I don't know if that's really sustainable long term.[5]
You can't make the argument that whites would be okay with them becoming a minority in the country their ancestors built if it doesn't apply to other countries.
What do you call a large number of people from one specific place, coming in, setting up their ethnic enclaves and then waving their own flag inside of our nation? There are large swathes of them who want to break parts of America back into Mexico.
Whites should stick together and keep to their own country.
Nobody would ask Japan if it was okay if Japan became a minority Japanese nation.
They're [whites] are not being killed, they're being displaced. You are the same guy who says that Europeans displaced the native Americans but apparently, when other people do it to white Americans, it's okay because fuck white people.
Why is it when the Chinese were trying to colonize Tibet, why was that a "Save Tibet" situation but when it's white people… I'm using an analogy to try to give a parallel situation so you can see the hypocrisy.

Jafari also defended "scientifically racist" views of society:

Destiny: What if whites become the minority but most brown people assimilated to the culture but most brown people assimilated to the culture. Would that be OK?

Jafari: Yeah, but if they assimilated, they would enter the gene pool eventually and just... you know...[6][7]

Wealthy blacks also commit more crime than poor whites, that's a fact. Yeah, look it up.[8][9]
There is an absolute disproportionate of crime committed to whites by nonwhites. There's no arguing that that's just FBI statistics. But white people are not allowed to address this because it's called racist by people like you.[10]
Ay yi yi dude you're just virtue signalling. Not all Mexicans are going to go on welfare but a lot of them are going to commit crimes. The El Salvadoreans are going to create the MS13 gangs.

Jafari further echoed the logic of the Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white white supremacist mantra.

These are just slurs, white supremacist, racist.[11]
What is so offensive about white people saying they'd like to preserve their demographic majority?[12]
It's clear that whites are not allowed to speak up against their demographic um… oblivion.[13]
In historically white countries, it is seen as a moral imperative that whites don't resist their own displacement. If they resist it, they're racist. You can see this in every white country on planet earth. The status quo thinks that the only logical conclusion to the country, to atone for the sins of the white past is to keep letting in people from the third world until white people are a minority.

Jafari goes on saying that all forms of discrimination are dead and gone in the Western world:

Discrimination is wrong. We've gotten rid of discrimination in our Western countries. If you don't think we've gotten rid of discrimination, you're living in a fantasy land. [14] […] Get outta here with that. People like me are supposed to listen to people like you chatter on about this oppression in America, it doesn't exist, dude, it doesn't exist. What do you want to do, police people's thoughts?[15]


[edit] Response video

Jafari made a "response video" (typical for YouTubers) in which he makes two fundamental assertions: [1] he's a bad debater and so misstated some of his beliefs, and [2] "the increasing tribalization of our culture" prevents "honest conversation about race".[16] While it is possible that Jafari was consistently, accidentally racist for two hours, it's also possible that he's just bullshitting to cover his ass. You know, PR damage control.

[edit] Twitter

I just think it’s funny that a couple of logical tweets have made me a “conservative,” such a strong label. I don’t even know what it means to be conservative, or what a conservative is anymore.
—Jon Jafari, in a 2016 Breitbart-exclusive interview[17]

In response to Steve King's tweet that "[c]ulture and demographics are our destiny. We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies",[18] Jafari wrote:

This whole stupid system relies on rational people being shamed into shutting up. Glad to see that slowly falling apart.[19] Wow, how scandalous, Steve King doesn't want his country invaded by people who have contempt for his culture and people! NAZI!!![20][21]

In response to Chris Maldonado's tweet that "Steve King's "baby" premise is dumb, but I do find it odd that multiculturalism is really only being championed in white majority nations", Jafari wrote:

[T]hat's exactly it, it's only white nations that aren't allowed to protect their culture[.] [T]his rationalization makes absolutely no sense, it's like saying 2 murders makes up for 1 murder[.] [A]nd that's even going so far as to say colonization wasn't a net benefit for the third world (it was)


[edit] In closing and in irony

See the main article on this topic: Friend argument

Jafari is himself half-Iranian. It's a true testament to racial progress that nominally nonwhite people can now freely defend white nationalism.

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[edit] Notes

  1. Thus far. Fingers crossed. Let's also hope Jacques, the green-cheeked parakeet, doesn't turn to the dark side.
  2. In other words, our reason for covering Jafari has nothing to do with attempting to find fault with the jokes of a popular entertainer. We have a great (and snarky!) sense of humor, don't worry. This is about — well, just read the quotes from Jafari for yourself.

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