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It is unclear if Green's Master of Vaginal Hacking (MVH) degree came from an accredited institution.
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Laci Green (born 1989) is an atheist vlogger and sex educator from California, otherwise known as GoGreen18. One of her videos explains why some atheists are concerned about religion and dogma.

She has also joined Discovery Networks' DNews science vlog as one of three presenters discussing general science. Also has a show funded and produced by MTV called Braless, discussing a variety of feminine issues.

Currently, Laci has over 640,000 subscribers, while her other channel GoGreen18 has 50,000 subscribers. She takes a very informal approach in her videos, and occasionally includes bits of sketch comedy to illustrate her points.


[edit] Video content

Her earlier videos dealt with theology, atheism, and her transition from Mormonism to atheism. However, as time went on, her videos became less about atheism and religion and more centered around relationships, women, and sex.

She has a significant audience of teenagers, a point brought home in January 2012 when someone flagged her video about the clitoris[1] as 18+ (a decision that led to mass outrage and YouTube removing the flag).

[edit] Persecution by theists

She's been criticized for being anti-Islam and anti-Mormon; while both of these things are technically true (she is, after all, an outspoken atheist), her family background includes both Mormonism and Islam, and she has had negative experiences with both, citing their piss-poor track record on women's rights. Her opponents try to use as "proof" that she is a misandrist.

Worth noting is the courtier's reply-ness of the criticism, ignoring the fact that as an atheist, she doesn't believe YHWH/Allah exists to begin with, rendering the Qur'an, the Hadith, and the huge body of Islamic apologetics irrelevant for her purposes.

[edit] Persecution by others

Being an outspoken feminist and leftist, she has attracted a ridiculous amount of harassment, abuse and general -- often by other atheists who think she isn't as rational as they are. EG:[2]

Today our Idiot is Laci Green, a self-described “public sex educator” and a prominent critic of GamerGate. Naturally this means she is a raging SJW and she apparently considers women shaving their armpits to be some kind of gross conspiracy hatched by the Patriarchy and thus refuses to do it on the off chance that she may be doing the bidding of a man.

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