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Serial woo-meister levitator Daniel Dunglas Home is here depicted amazing a number of gentlemen in his parlour with his powers to cause things to rise.
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Levitation refers to raising an object against the force of gravity in such a way that it remains suspended without any physical contact.

It is quite possible to do this without leaving the realm of physics, the most usual being magnetic levitation where the force of magnetism is used for this purpose.

In terms of pseudoscience it refers to the ability to manage this raising by the power of the human mind. This has never been demonstrated — much less repeated — under controlled conditions and is consequently a pseudoscience.

Levity, on the other hand, is a very real phenomenon, as evidenced by its frequent occurrence on RationalWiki. It is considered to be a ban-worthy offense over at Conservapedia, however.

Stage Magic[edit]

Levitation has been a long standing element of stage magic with various tricks being based on objects and people seemingly defying gravity. In reality these tricks uses things like strings or metal poles [1] to make something look like its floating.

Religious views[edit]


Jesus provides the most well known case of levitation in Christianity by walking on water to his disciples. He is also mistaken for a spirit at first which gives another example of a levitating creature in Christianity.[note 1] More specifically, Catholicism considers levitation to be a symptom of possession by demons, and cause for exorcism.[2]


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