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Liberal Logic 101 is a "comedic" religious right blog; the quality of the humour reveals how low the bar has been set by the fringe right. The "jokes" are typically pictures of liberals (often stock images) and captions that explain the "liberal" views. The site is more useful as a window into the weird logic of the American far-right than it is as a humor site. In other words, we're not laughing with you; we're laughing at you.

In the ultimate twist of irony, the blog insults the logic of "liberals" by posting memes with absolutely no sources which are often made up, expecting conservatives to believe said memes, which they often do.


[edit] Basic views

The website isn't too organized but generally hews to a hard-right point of view. The site is:

[edit] The war on straw

On top of being a hotbed of conspiracy theories, anything the site hates is labeled "liberal". This leads to some odd and paranoid assertions. Examples include:

[edit] Laziness

A lot of the newer posts are actually copies of old ones. Compare:

It is quite noticeable if one goes through the older posts before going through newer ones. In truth though, the whole site is lazy since it's typically intellectually dishonest half-truths being made out to be the "politically incorrect truth", a style so beaten that it's a dead horse by now.

[edit] Money!

Showing the site's true colors, it attempts to detect whether you are using ad blocking software and, if you are, then refuses to render the page displaying this error:

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Once the plugin/addon is disabled, try loading the page again.

Or you can whitelist this site.

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