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Luis Alfonso Gámez[1] is a Spanish journalist and hyperactive skeptic. He covers the whole gamut of skeptical ideas including conspiracy theories, homoeopathy and the existence of God.


[edit] Activity

He founded the Spanish skeptical organisation circuloesceptico (Skeptics circle)[2] and the Basque version of Skeptics in the Pub called enigmas y birras (puzzles and beers).[3]

[edit] Current activity

He has a regularly updated blog, magonia, [4] associated with a somewhat intermittent podcast which can more properly be regarded as record of his radio frequent radio interviews. [5]

In 2011 he produced a series of documentaries on common objects of modern scepticism with the Basque broadcaster EITB. The pilot programme asked, "Did we go to the moon?",[6] and the follow-up programme was about alternative medicine and asked, "Does it work for you?"

[edit] Books

He has written La Cara Oculta del Misterio (the hidden face of the mystery) a skeptical book about the paranormal. [7] He also collaborated on the book "Skeptical Odysseys: Personal Accounts by the World's Leading Paranormal Investigations" [8] which included essays by many well-known British and American skeptics and scientists.

[edit] Footnotes

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