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Watch out for them rocks!

The rain in Maine falls spainly in the plain.

Maine used to make a lot of potatoes, but Idaho pwned them. Luckily, Idaho hasn't figured out how to grow lobsters. Yet.

With their insane Tea Party governor who thinks the only reason black people go to Maine is to impregnate heroin and inject themselves with white women[1] (though to be fair, it's certainly more fun than what Maine normally has on offer), and eccentric rural locales that inspire thousands of Stephen King novels, Maine is also known as the Deep North. Or more popular, Down East. Has a city full of hipsters, also named Portland.

Maine also used to have a lot of lumberjacks, of which only a few of them crossdressed, but got sick of them they left for Michigan and Wisconsin in the 1840s, until they also got sick of them moved on to Oregon and Washington in the 1890s. Luckily, the forests grew back long ago and Maine may yet again become a logger's paradise and hum to the wonderful sound of chainsaws and caulk boot tracks crisscrossing the state, now that the goldurn varmintists (who put varmints like spotted owls ahead of people) won't let anyone log in Oregon and Washington anymore. Tiiimm-ber!

Only 6% of Maine's forests are owned publicly, and 28% are owned by paper companies, saw mills, and other processors of wood. These companies allow public access to their land, and usually manage the forest by selectively logging, replanting and so forth.

Maine also has a lot of lighthouses. Jack Chick has yet to note that lighthouses are phallic statues ("and God hates it!") as he has with obelisks, but give him time and he'll do a tract condemning those Satanic erections.

Maine is the northeasternmost state in the Union, and only borders one other state. It used to be part of Massachusetts, despite not actually bordering it.

Maine is the only state whose name is just one syllable. Remember it! Pepperidge Farm Remembers.

[edit] Official state icons

  • The official state soft drink of Maine is something called Moxie, which tastes like a cross between cherry cough syrup and burnt gunpowder.

[edit] Other state icons

  • Novelist Stephen King was born and raised in Maine, which is why it's the setting for approximately 90% of his work. He and his wife, Tabitha King (also a novelist), still live most of the year in Maine.
  • The DeLorme map and atlas company is headquartered in Yarmouth.
  • Both of Maine's US Senators, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, are Republicans RINOs.
  • Jud Crandall- Man who knew not to bury anything in the Indian burial ground. Sometimes, dead is better. Popularized Maine's accent
  • L.L. Bean. This guy who sells outdoorsy clothing.

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