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Mary Marshall

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Marshall with fake ectoplasm.

Mary Ann Marshall (1880-1963), also known as Mary M, was a Canadian medium. She is most notable for a photo depicting tissue coming out her nose with a picture of Authur Conan Doyle's face in it which she claimed was his spirit.[1]

[edit] Biography

Little is known about Marshall, she was of Scottish and Irish parentage but later moved to Winnipeg, Canada after World War I where she joined the Hamilton mediumship group. Some websites seem to have confused the American medium Mary Marshall with another British medium with the same name who lived between 1842-1884.[2]

[edit] Photos

Photographs taken at the séances with Marshall were taken from 1928-1933 by the surgeon, and parapsychologist Dr. Thomas Glendenning Hamilton (1873-1935).[3] As a spiritualist, Hamilton believed that the photos were genuine evidence for spirits.[4] However the photographs reveal that the ectoplasm of Marshall in her seances were made of cloth, tissue, and magazine cut outs of people.[5]

[edit] Footnotes

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