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Hiding with Schrödinger's cat
If you stare at this picture for long enough, you may eventually notice some mermaids.

A mermaid is a mythical aquatic creature possessing the hideous ass end of a fish and the beautiful head and torso of a gorgeous woman. Legends of mermaids, and their counterparts, the wily mermen, first originated circa 1000 BCE in Assyria.

A beautiful mermaid… enticing, isn't she?
Mermaids probably perished in the Great Flood after the destruction of their habitat. Mermaids were thought to be harbingers of disaster and related to the Sirens. Story holds that mermaids would sing beautiful songs to entice men into the ocean where they would drown. A birth defect named SirenomeliaWikipedia's W.svg, also known as Mermaid Syndrome, causes the legs to be fused together, like a mermaid's tail, in utero and is usually fatal. Prior to the 19th century creatures of the genus Sirenialink=wp:Sirenia were commonly thought to be, and called, mermaids.

Another possible source of the mermaid legend is completely human. Before the invention of modern diving technologies, diving for pearls and other ocean-floor goodies was sometimes a largely female occupation. Some notable traditional female divers have been the AmaWikipedia's W.svg of Japan[1] and the HaenyoWikipedia's W.svg of Korea[2].

Modern "Spells"[edit]

Too many people claim to have spells to transform you into a mermaid, mostly involving salt water of some kind. Note escape hatches in the videos and the Law of Attraction style wording. To us rationalists, these make no sense, but they sure do to tween girls. Many have drank the Kool-Aid, and one commenter claims to have weather control powers (Warning: Poe's Law in action!).

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