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Michael J. Oard is a young Earth creationist who has written about flood geology, ice ages, and the extinction of woolly mammoths. Oard is a member of the board of the Creation Research Society.[1][2] According to Creation Ministries International, Oard "has published about 200 articles in the creationist technical literature" and has been involved in "fourteen published creationist books".[1]


[edit] Scientific credentials

B.S. Atmospheric Science, University of Washington. M.S., Atmospheric Science, University of Washington.[3] Retired Meteorologist at US National Weather Service.[2]

[edit] Views

Oard "became interested in creationism after reading Whitcomb and Morris’s The Genesis Flood in the early 1970s."[1]

His website reads:[4]

To build up by research the Flood Model based on Genesis 6-9 and other Scripture verses and to flesh out the post-Flood rapid Ice Age.

Given that Oard accepts the Bible as literally true, this comes dangerously close to circular reasoning.

[edit] Creationist articles

[edit] Books

Oard's books have been published by the Institute for Creation Research, the Creation Research Society, and by creationist "New Leaf Publishing Group".[7]

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