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The Principality of Monaco is small - really small - the second smallest country in Europe (and indeed, the world), with just 2.02 km² to its name. That's only enough room for one Grand Prix - two is right out of the question. Since the Vatican City is hemmed in on all sides by Rome, Monaco is also the smallest country in the world that has a coastline. At one point, the country was set to revert to France if the tiny principality ever had a vacant throne, but luckily - or unluckily, for those who prefer modern republics to antiquated relics of feudalism under a semi-constitutional, semi-absolute monarchy - this was patched up in 2002. It has also sent a tiny delegation to the Olympics no less than 27 times (sometimes including Prince Albert II himself on the bobsled team), but has never won a single medal. Nowadays, it is well-known for the Monaco Grand Prix and being a tax haven for the ultra-rich.

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