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Not to be confused with MSNBC, who probably aren't aware this site copied 4/5ths of their name.

nsnbc.me, or nsnbc ìnternational, is a lowercase alternative news site created in 2013 by a Danish man named Christoff Lehmann as a replacement for his blog.[1] The website is one of the more professional-looking crank sites. However, under the shiny exterior, the website supports a wide range of conspiracy theories and woo.

nsnbc features articles supporting 9/11 conspiracy theories,[2][3] FEMA concentration camps,[2][4] Bilderberg conspiracies,[2][5] Zionist conspiracies,[6] Rothschild conspiracies,[6] Monsanto conspiracies,[7] Séralini's discredited rat study,[8] vaccine-induced autism,[9] fluoride conspiracies,[10] and cancer woo.[11]

[edit] See also

  • Globalresearch.ca, another alternative news site whose stories are often featured on nsnbc.

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[edit] Footnotes

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