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Paul Joseph Watson is a British YouTube vlogger who currently lives in the London district of Battersea.[1]

He is known for both his own YouTube channel,[2] and for the numerous articles he writes for Alex Jones on Infowars.[3] Disconcertingly, as of February 2017, his YouTube channel boasts just over 752,000 subscribers and has had over 166,000,000 views in total.[4]

He has been trying to (and largely succeeding at) converting fringe conspiracy theories into mainstream ideas for years before Donald Trump started doing it. Often, his means of doing this is with misleading clickbait-y videos with titles like "The Truth About…" These videos never actually contain the truth about the things they are about; instead, they contain a mixture of misleading claims, baseless speculation, conspiracy theories, and outright lies.

Naturally, he loves Trump;[1] though he prefers attacking Trump's opponents to defending him (though he has done both). He is also one of the big pushers of the debunked hoax about Hillary Clinton having brain damage.[5]

His favorite topics, in addition to Trump and Clinton, include favorite conspiracy theory whipping boys: the Boston Marathon bombing, Sandy Hook, Black Lives Matter (which he hates),[6] and, of course, good old-fashioned Islamophobia.[7]

He also endorses the MGTOW movement, advocating "rejecting toxic women who have been brainwashed by cultural marxism" and recommending instead that all male viewers (no girls allowed!) visit Return of Kings and partake in the gospel according to Roosh V.[8]

To top things off, Watson has also shown an interest in spooky scary GWEN towers.[9]


[edit] Paul JEWseph Watson

As with every mainstream crank, there are conspiracy theories surrounding the conspiracy theorist. So, what is it this time? Illuminati, reptilian or maybe the classic government shill?

Surprisingly, a vast number of people believe Paul is actually a Zionist.[10][11][12] The reason people assume this is because he went on record saying that "[He doesn't] believe in this Jewish conspiracy because nobody presents any real, credible, hardcore evidence that it's taking place."

That's all fine and dandy. After all, even crazy wackos can be rational once in a while, but this begs the question: why does he subscribe to other illogical conspiracy theories when they too lack any sort of concrete evidenceProbably because he isn't brainwashed by the deceptive mainstream shills working for the New World Order!!![13] As you should know, cranks aren't the most rational of people.

[edit] Fake news

Watson & Jones: gay, reptoid space alien lovers?
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Paul Watson and I are gay lovers. We are gay, reptoid space alien lovers.
Alex Jones[14]

Watson published an article about an explosive leaked video of Trump saying racist and sexist epithets recorded by a secret camera. The problem with the story? It was made up by a Scottish marketing professional. How did Watson get the story? The Scotsman messaged Watson the story on Twitter as a prank. Without any effort to fact-check the story or even verify the identity of the leaker, Watson hurriedly typed up the story in the hopes of getting more clicks. Adding insult to injury, the article remained up for days after the prankster revealed his game, which shows Watson is the pinnacle of journalistic malpractice and fake news.[15][16]

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