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Pepe the Frog is a green anthropomorphic frog used as an Internet meme. The character was created by artist Matt Furie in his comic Boy's Club.[1] In 2008 its popularity grew steadily grew across Myspace and Gaia OnlineWikipedia's W.svg, being popularised by 4chan in the same period.[2] By 2015, it had even become one of the most popular memes used on Tumblr, the residence of its current nemesis, the SJW.[3]

While originally without political associations, as of 2015 he has become associated with the alt-right, white nationalism, and Donald Trump (though it doesn't mean everyone using or liking this meme is a nationalist).[4] Hillary Clinton's campaign condemned both Donald Trump and his son for posting images of Pepe on Twitter.[5]

The Anti-Defamation League has listed Pepe as a hate symbol, but noted that most instances of Pepe were not used in a hate-related context.[6] Matt Furie tried getting his frog back,[7] but was forced to concede defeat. In May 2017, he killed off the character.[8]

Some claim that Pepe is the incarnation of the ancient Egyptian god Kek (also known as Kuk[9] or Keku), and worship him as such as part of another 4chan in-joke called the "Cult of Keke".[10] The connection between Pepe and Kek has been endorsed by the neoreactionary philosopher Nick Land,[11] and by Davis Aurini.[12]

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