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A pogrom is a violent riot aimed against a person or personal property based on the victim's ethnic, religious, or social background or lifestyle. It was originally used for race riots against Jewish communities, but has also been used since in reference to other groups. Historically many pogroms - particularly against Jews - were perpetrated with the tacit approval or even outright support of local rulers and non-Jewish businesspeople.

[edit] Examples of pogroms

  • The Alexandrain riotsWikipedia's W.svg of 38 CE was likely the first recorded pogrom in human history; the racial hatred towards the Jews was likely instigated by Aulus Avilius FlaccusWikipedia's W.svg, the Roman prefect of Egypt.
  • The German CrusadeWikipedia's W.svg was inspired by the call for Christians across Europe to take Jerusalem from the Muslims; due to the view that the Jews were as evil as the Muslims, the Germans took it upon themselves to drive them out.
  • The Lisbon massacreWikipedia's W.svg was a series of persecutions by Catholics against the "New Christians", recently converted Jews, who were perceived to be secretly practicing Judaism.
  • The Russian Tsarist rule of government of the 19th century was renowned for its cruelty towards the Jewish population of Russia.
  • The Adana massacreWikipedia's W.svg of resident Armenians in the Ottoman Empire in 1909; the massacre lasted for over a month and resulted in 30,000 deaths.
  • The Ocoee massacreWikipedia's W.svg in Miami, Florida which resulted in 50 to 60 African Americans being killed.
  • The Tulsa race riotWikipedia's W.svg in 1921 where 55 to 300 African Americans were driven out of "Black Wall Street".
  • The massacre of Jewish residents and immigrants of HebronWikipedia's W.svg in Mandatory Palestine by their Arab neighbors.
  • Nazi Germany was also home to Jewish pogroms in the late 1930s; the most well known pre-war pogrom was KristallnachtWikipedia's W.svg.
  • The Iași pogromWikipedia's W.svg was launched by the fascist government of Romania and killed up to 13,226 Jews.
  • The Lviv pogromsWikipedia's W.svg perpetrated by Ukrainian nationalists against Jews in Poland.
  • The Kielce pogromWikipedia's W.svg in Poland was the result of a moral panic that Jewish refugees were kidnapping children; this pogrom is especially notable because it happened a year after WWII against victims of the Holocaust.
  • The anti-Sikh riotsWikipedia's W.svg in India after the assassination of Indira Gandhi.
  • The anti-Tamil riots in Sri Lanka by the Sinhalese; this event is commonly called Black JulyWikipedia's W.svg and is considered to be the beginning of the Sri Lanka civil war.
  • The Baku pogromWikipedia's W.svg against the Armenians living Azerbaijan.
  • The Mława riotWikipedia's W.svg in Poland against the Roma.
  • In a historical irony, fanatical Jewish settlers in the West Bank have perpetrated pogroms against Palestinians every now and again.
  • The Crown Heights riotWikipedia's W.svg, a three-day riot against Hasidic Jews in Crown Heights (Brooklyn, New York) by a Caribbean and American mob partially instigated to action by the Reverend Al Sharpton.
  • The Gujarat pogromWikipedia's W.svg was a riot by Hindu Indians against the Indian Muslims; Indian Muslims retaliated by driving out Hindus from their communities. The Indian government was blamed for its complicity and the racial hatred was believed to have been incited by Hindu nationalists like Narendra ModiWikipedia's W.svg.
  • In 2004, Serbians were driven from their homesWikipedia's W.svg by Albanians in Kosovo
  • In recent years, Burma has been home to pogroms against the smallish Muslim community (known as Rohingya) by Buddhist nationalists.

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