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Psilocybin is the predominant psychoactive compound in magic mushrooms and is an inactive prodrug that is converted to the active chemical psilocin. If you grab a magic mushroom and eat a chunk from one side, it will make you smaller. If you grab and eat a chunk from the other side it will make you larger. If you see a giant caterpillar smoking a hookah and deep in thought on top of it, you've come to the right mushroom.

If you eat enough of them, you might go chasing rabbits.

"Feed your head!"[1]


[edit] Profit!

P. cubensis in grow box

Magic mushrooms are also really fun to grow, and can be quite the profitable hobby with a little bit of effort. The most common variety are Psilocybe cubensis. Spore solutions pre-packaged in syringes or spore prints are legal to buy and sell over the Internet in most countries because spores do not contain psilocybin. [2]

  1. Get spores
  2. Get fresh bullshit from
  3. Plant spores in bullshit
  4. ????
  5. Profit!!!

Though spores don't actually grow on shit, real cultivators inject the spores into sterilized grain products such as rye berries. Once the grain is colonized then you can use that to grow on shit. Basically, it's an easy and well documented hobby.

[edit] Psilocybin in popular culture

Psilocybin, much like LSD and other psychedelics, is often portrayed in popular culture as being more intense and vivid than they are. In truth, hallucinations produced by psilocybin are very much distinguishable from reality, and rarely take the form of fully realistic and detailed visions of lizard people and the like. Actual psychedelic experiences tend to be more along the lines of a six hour free association exercise than a re-enactment of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Moreover, some serious researchers like Terence McKenna documented the worldwide practices of psilocybin mushroom usage as part of a cultural ethos relating to the Earth and mysteries of nature, and suggested that mushrooms enhanced self-awareness, which possibly could close the gap in human evolution from ape to homo sapiens.[3]

Unless of course, the user takes a reasonable amount, in which case everything in the previous paragraph is bullshit-you won't see lizards, but you won't be experiencing a gentle "free association exercise". Not at all. Imagine sitting in a corner, crying for 8 solid hours. Crying because you have eaten 1000 Liberty Cap mushrooms and you are tripping so hard that you have forgotten your own name. And after the crying has subsided, it is replaced by extremely vivid hallucinations, nominally based on things from deep within your own psyche.

Note: Anybody who claims that mushrooms (or acid) provides a casual and fun experience should be ignored. Sure, in small doses they can be casual and fun. But the psychedelic experience isn't about casual and fun — it's about kicking the doors of perception right off the hinges and hoping that they close again when the experience is over. Many people claim that LSD and mushroom usage provides a feeling of fuzziness and some visual disturbances — basically similar to smoking weed. This is of course bullshit, and you should never take psychedelic advice from people who have never had a psychedelic experience.

This, combined with the fact that they're expensive, taste terrible, and are non-addictive, may explain the relative paucity of regular psilocybin users. It's almost like ingesting insect nerve poisons isn't as good an idea as it sounds on paper.

[edit] Psilocybin and the law

Psilocybin is also a standard example used in arguing for drug legalization, being as it's non-addictive and basically impossible to overdose on (on its own, magic mushrooms themsleves contain some harmful alkaloids), two traits it fails to share with widely legal drugs such as alcohol and nicotine.

[edit] Psilocybin and medicine

According to a 2011 study, Johns Hopkins University found that the use of psilocybin could ease the anxiety of terminally ill patients, treat depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, and help smokers quit.[4][5] Psilocybin has also shown to be very effective in decreasing severity, or eliminating completely, forms of debilitating cluster headaches.[6].

[edit] Safety

If collecting wild psilocybin mushrooms, one should be very careful in identifying them correctly as some species of mushroom are very toxic, even deadly. For safety's sake, always save a sample of any wild mushroom you eat. This might not be of any use at the hospital, but at least they will know what to put on the death certificate.

[edit] Legal Notice from the RW Morals Committee

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If, however, you live in a jurisdiction where the consumption of Psilocybe cubensis is legal then — hey, they're just mushrooms man.

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[edit] Footnotes

  1. Please note that shrooms will not cause you to double your size and make it easier to take out Goombas, nor will you gain the ability to shoot fire from your hands if you pick a flower after eating them. There IS a difference between real life and Super Mario Bros.
  2. List of best online suppliers for spores
  6. Response of cluster headache to psilocybin and LSD
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